Women’s Day turns ugly: Nodeep Kaur, others involve in scuffle with ABVP

Women’s Day turns ugly: Nodeep Kaur, others involve in scuffle with ABVP

Nodeep Kaur.

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Ghazipur (Ghaziabad), March 8

Women’s Day celebration at Delhi University’s Arts Faculty turned ugly after activists of Bhagat Singh Chatra Manch (BSCM) and Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) supporters clashed on Monday.

The BSCM had invited Dalit activist Nodeep Kaur, her sister Rajveer Kaur and family members of a few of the rape victims, including Gurmandi and Butana case, to address the crowd on the plight of working and Dalit women.

However, even before Nodeep could address, ABVP supporters led by Delhi University Students Union joint secretary Shivangi Kharwal stopped the proceedings asking whether the organisers had the valid permission to hold such an event.

After the argument, a scuffle ensued where Nodeep was allegedly dragged, while BSCM’s vice president Sangeeta Geet claimed that her clothes were torn. Also, present was Kisan Morcha’s Legal Cell member Vasu Kukreja, who suffered a swollen eye.

ABVP, however, claims that the clash was started by the organisers. “DUSU was organising a self-defence clinic today. And these people, majority of which were outsiders, were holding a meet outside the Conference Centre of Arts Faculty,” ABVP State Secretary Siddharth Yadav said.

“When DUSU joint secretary Shivangi and few others came out they objected to a few posters that were showing our forces in bad light. On finding that these people had no permission to hold the event an argument happened. Someone grabbed her chunni and then scuffle broke out,” he explained.

Yadav also said that the police then intervened and few persons from both the sides were detained. However, Sangeeta Geet claimed that the brawl was started by the ABVP supporters.

“They began tearing our posters down. Some of them, including Shivangi Kharwal were abusing us and the police just looked the other way,” Geet said.

“My clothes were torn, Nodeep was dragged away. Advocate Kukreja suffered an injury. Comrade Ravinder and a few SFI activists were detained while ABVP got away,” she added.

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