40 Punjabi youths face deportation : The Tribune India

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40 Punjabi youths face deportation

Had obstructed cop from performing duty

40 Punjabi youths face deportation

Still from the viral videos.

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 15

About 40 Punjabi youths, mostly students, face deportation from Canada for allegedly obstructing a police officer from performing his duty and blocking his path in Surrey, British Columbia, on Wednesday.

Constable Sarbjit Sangha of the Canadian police told the media that a group of 40 Punjabi youths indulged in lawlessness when a police officer issued a “notice of order” to a car driver, who was roaming around Strawberry Hill Plaza 72nd Avenue playing loud music for three hours.

The youths had installed high-bass speakers and modified the car so that the engine revved loudly.

As per the “notice of order”, the car driver has to remove the high-bass speakers from his vehicle. “The youths allegedly misbehaved with the police officer and blocked his path,” the constable said.

“The video recording of the incident shows 40 youths, mostly students, banging on the bonnet of the police car. One of them tried to open the driver’s door of the police car. They can face deportation,” she said.

Last year, several youths from Strawberry Hills were deported because of hooliganism.

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