Salman Khan, Sidhu Moosewala’s manager among top 10 targets on Lawrence Bishnoi’s hit list, says NIA : The Tribune India

Salman Khan, Sidhu Moosewala’s manager among top 10 targets on Lawrence Bishnoi’s hit list, says NIA

NIA learnt that Lawrence Bishnoi was running his extortion racket from behind bars

Salman Khan, Sidhu Moosewala’s manager among top 10 targets on Lawrence Bishnoi’s hit list, says NIA

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi (L) and Bollywood actor Salman Khan. File photos


New Delhi, May 22

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan topped the list of 10 main targets that jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi planned to eliminate, the notorious criminal confessed to the National Investigation Agency, officials said.

Lawrence Bishnoi said that in the year 1998, Salman Khan hunted the black buck, which is considered sacred by the Bishnoi community and to avenge the hurt sentiments of the community the gangster said he wanted to kill the actor. Bishnoi confessed to the NIA in December last year that on acting on his directions his aide Sampat Nehra had conducted a recce of Salman Khan's Mumbai residence. Nehra was however nabbed by the Special Task Force of the Harayana Police.

On April 11 this year, Khan received another death threat call, Mumbai Police said, weeks after a man was taken into custody for sending a threat email to the 'Dabangg' actor.

Khan has been provided with Y+ category security by the Mumbai police as the actor is perceived to be under threat. The Maharashtra State government took this step after the actor received a threat letter from the Lawrence Bishnoi gang.

Bishnoi informed the NIA about his entry into the world of crime from college politics and of the individuals he killed over the last 10-15 years.

According to the NIA documents that were accessed by IANS, apart from Salman Khan, the gangster’s other targets were:

Shagunpreet, manager of Siddhu Moosewala: Shagunpreet was the manager of slain Punjabi singer Siddhu Moosewala and handled his accounts. Lawrence told investigators that Shagun helped the killer of Vicky Middukhera, the gangster's close aide, to hide in Kharar. Due to this, he wanted to kill Shagunpreet.

Mandeep Dhaliwal, aide of gansgter Lucky Patiyal: Lawrence Bishnoi told the NIA that Mandeep also helped the killer of Vicky Middukhera. Mandeep runs his gang under the name 'Thugs-life'.

Gangster Kaushal Chaudhary: According to Lawrence's statement, Kaushal Chaudhary supplied weapons to Bholu shooter, Anil Lath and Sunny Lefti, who were involved in Middukhera's killing. When Lawrence learned this, he decided to kill Chaudhary.

Gangster Amit Dagar: Lawrence told investigators that Amit Dagar and Kaushal Choudhary had conspired to kill Middukhera. Therefore, Dagar was also on his radar.

Sukhpreet Singh Budhdha: Sukhpreet Singh Bushdha is the head of Bambiha gang, which is Lawrence's arch rival. After the demise of Devendra Bambiha, Sukhpreet became the gang's leader. Lawrence revealed that his associate Amit Sharan was killed by Sukhpreet, leading to his plan to kill him.

Gangster Lucky Patiyal: Lawrence told investigators that Lucky Patiyal killed his associate Gurlal Brar. Patiyal also allegedly assisted the killers of Middukhera and harboured them after the crime.

Rammi Masana, Gondar Gang member: Lawrence expressed a desire to seek revenge on Masana for allegedly killing his cousin Amandeep. Masana is a sharpshooter associated with the Gondar Gang.

Gurpreet Sheikho of Gondar Gang: Gurpreet Sheikho, the head of Gondar Gang was also on the radar of Lawrence. Gurpreet allegedly provided weapons to Masana for the murder of Amandeep.

Bholu shooter, Sunny Lefti, Anil Lath: They all are alleged killers of Middukhera. Lawrence wanted to kill them since they carried out the murder. All of them work for Kaushal Chaudhary's gang.

How Lawrence planned Sidhu Moosewala murder:

In 2021, gangster Lawrence Bishnoi allegedly sent his sharp shooters Shahrukh, Denny and Aman to stay in Moosewala village. There, Jaggu Baghwanpuria and Sarpanch Mona assisted his shooters in their stay. Later, Lawrence was informed by the three shooters that they needed more help to execute the killing of Moosewala.

In the meantime, Lawrence had established contact with Canada-based gangster Goldy Brar.

Lawrence sent Rs 50 lakh to Goldy Brar through Hawala, intending to secure assistance in executing Moosewala's murder.

Between 2018 and 2022, Lawrence sought help from his associate Rohit Chaudhary, a gangster based in Khurja, Uttar Pradesh.

He purchased 25 sophisticated weapons, including AK-47 rifles and 9mm pistols, for Rs 2 crore from an arms supplier named Qurban Chaudhary, alias Shahzad.

Another gangster, Rohit assisted Lawrence in acquiring these weapons from Shahzad. The procured weapons were used in the murder of Moosewala.

The NIA learned that Lawrence was running his extortion racket from behind bars.

While being imprisoned in Bharatpur and Faridkot jails, he extorted money from businessmen in Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Punjab and Delhi.

Liquor businessmen, mall owners, and gamblers were among his targets. Kala Jathedi, Kala Rana, and Goldy Brar provided him with the phone numbers of businessmen and gamblers.

"The brothers of gangster Anandpal, Vicky Singh, and Manjeet Singh, also collected money from stone and crusher businessmen in Rajasthan based on Lawrence's instructions," said an NIA source.

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