Movie Review - Good Newwz: An out and out fun ride

Movie Review - Good Newwz: An out and out fun ride

Film: Good Newwz

Director: Raj Mehta

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh, Kiara Advani, Adil Hussain and Tisca Chopra

Nonika Singh

Those of you who have already seen the trailer know exactly what the premise of Good Newwz is. Others may be informed that the film hinges upon mix-up of sperms. Yes, you read that right. And there is nothing sleazy about it.

In the world of in-vitro fertilisation, the goof-up can certainly happen. In this case, the couples in question share the same surname. But that is the only similarity between them. The hip and happening Varun Batra (Akshay Kumar) and his journalist wife Deepti (Kareena Kapoor Khan) and the desi Punjabi Honey (Diljit Dosanjh) and Monica (Kiara Advani) are like chalk and cheese. The mismatch that occurs in one of the best fertility centres in the country run by doctor couple (Adil Hussain and Tisca Chopra competent as always) is meant to raise laughs. And the mess of doctors’ making sure does bring the house down. 

With our very own Diljit bhaji at the centre of it, Punjabi tadka by way of few Punjabi gaane shaane and humour is a foregone conclusion.  The upright and uptight might take offence at the somewhat stereotypical portrayal of Punjabis. But Diljit lights up the screen the moment he marks his presence. Though why does he carry boxes of sweets even before he hears the good news is a mystery. Or, else hold it, that’s the way Punjabis always are--upbeat. And so is the tenor of the film whose light hearted tone is set even before Diljit arrives. Akshay Kumar as Varun Batra is in top form, amusing us with his comic timing backed by some witty one-liners. As husband to a wife, who is desperate to have a child, his reluctance to have sex at the command of wife dearest and in line with her ovulation cycle is understandably funny. Equally relatable is his discomfort when locked in a lab to give his semen sample. 

One sperm is all that it takes to decide fatherhood while motherhood is a long laborious process. In a monologue, Kareena Kapoor reminds you of the trials and tribulations of motherhood. Indeed, the film strikes few tender notes as well as turns a trifle sombre too. After all, the miracle of life at the end of the day is no joking matter. Here, but for a few heavy duty emotional scenes, necessary to tie up the loose ends, right till the end jokes keep coming. The mix-up of disc with another keyword (unprintable), flesh with flush and more bring a smile.

Koi mujhe Hindi mein smajhaayega… clearly Diljit is on a roll and so are you. In one of the many humorous scenes, Akshay quips, “Haasa hi nahi ruk raheya (I can’t stop laughing)” and you too will find it difficult to supress yours.  Much of the credit of the film touching your funny bone goes to writing, which is sterling and so are the performances. Kareena looks like million bucks and plays her part with élan. Kiara is her charming self and holds her fort with effortless ease. Diljit is, well, Diljit, simply inimitable. But above all else, incredibly endearing Akshay is the backbone. His banter/relations with his onscreen wife are likely to remind many hubbies of similar real life situations.

Of course, if you want to ask serious questions like what happens when biological fathers are not the same as the ones rearing the children, the film is clearly not for you.  It handles the complexity of criss-cross connection without delving too deep. For the ultimate idea is to entertain you which it does with aplomb. Novel premise with just the right dose of humour, it’s a perfect way to end the year. This good news sure is good fun.