‘The Great Tech Game’ for supremacy

‘The Great Tech Game’ for supremacy

The Great Tech Game by Anirudh Suri. HarperCollins. Pages 556. Rs 799

Book Title: The Great Tech Game

Author: Anirudh Suri

AFTER agriculture, trade, industrialisation, colonisation and capitalism, technology is the next big shaper of global geopolitics. The battle between China and the US is exactly about that.

Anirudh Suri has bundled five booklets in one coherent narrative to lighten a subject that at first glance is tedious and incomprehensible to many. Suri begins with a genesis of the first Great Game in history — the Great Agri and Trade Game which began around 10,000 BC and became the genesis of geopolitics. Then came the Great Colonisation and Industrialisation Game from 1500 AD onwards, which India not only missed but was one of the victims. The dawn of the modern empire based on capitalism and technology in the US saw India miss the bus by a wide margin. Having already missed some of the tech game, can India’s talent pool alone make it the winner in the unfolding Great Tech Game? —