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Windows, doors open for whiff of freshness

Windows, doors open for whiff of freshness

The film is about women who stand together against patriarchy.

Film: Buhe Bariyan

Director: Uday Pratap Singh

Cast: Neeru Bajwa, Nirmal Rishi, Rubina Bajwa, Simone Singh, Rupinder Rupi, Gurpreet Bhangu, Seema Kaushal and Baljinder Kaur


‘Buhe Bariyan’ is the change that the Punjabi movie industry and the audiences have been waiting and looking for. Wrapping up the message of equality with comedy, it takes forward the theme of female-centric films. The Bajwa sisters, Neeru and Rubina, spring up a surprise with their varied roles. While Rubina shows her talent in a serious role, Neeru leaves you in splits with her comic timing. In the role of a tough cop, Prem Kaur, Neeru delivers her punchlines with utmost seriousness. However, hands down, it is veteran actor Nirmal Rishi as Bhuro who steals the show in this family entertainer, which also looks at themes like caste, gender inequality and injustice.

Though the film inclines more towards drama than comedy, in no way does it take away the entertainment quotient. It remains a commercial film through and through even when dealing with a sensitive subject. With more women characters at the forefront, it makes a case for women empowerment.

While ‘Buhe Bariyan’ is about women who stand together against a patriarchal setup, Neeru Bajwa’s character, Prem Kaur, also justifies the belief of ‘women being women’s biggest enemy’. ‘Dil Diyan Gallan’ director Uday Pratap Singh has brought forth a tight script. As for the dialogues, the movie has some memorable one-liners. Music complements the narrative. By the end of it all, you would want to be part of Bhuro’s gang.