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Delhi govt introduces yoga classes for Covid patients

Delhi govt introduces yoga classes for Covid patients

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New Delhi, January 11

The Delhi government has come up with specially designed online yoga and pranayam classes to aid Covid-19 patients who are recovering at home, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Tuesday.

"Yoga and Pranayam greatly add on to one's immunity. I wouldn't claim that they offer complete protection against the virus but they definitely help one cope and recover more efficiently. The Delhi Government is starting special online Yoga-Pranayam classes for all those in home isolation," Kejriwal said in a virtual media briefing, adding, "in my understanding, we are the first to design something like this."

These classes will be taken by instructors to look after 40,000 patients. They have been given specific training for the asanas and practices related to the Covid-19 recovery. One class will have only 15 patients, so the instructor can give individual focus to every patient, the CM said.

Giving update about the Covid-19 situation in the national capital, he said, "Covid cases are rapidly rising throughout the country. Delhi too is witnessing a rise but we have noticed a trend that the speed of the spread of the virus has slowed down," adding, "I hope that this trend will continue for the near future and the Covid spread comes down."

The chief minister further said that at present, barely 1,500-2,000 hospital beds have been occupied by Covid-19 patients and the rest of the patients are in home isolation. IANS

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