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My plans @ The Summer of 2022

Summer vacation always generated excitement among kids (even if these come after two years of school closure due to pandemic lockdown). Our sprited youngsters have made palns to make these holidays productive, enjoyable and memorable and here they share these with us

My plans @ The Summer of 2022

New things to learn, numerous skills to hone

Not everyone goes on trips…not everyone joins summer camps…not everyone has enough money to shop well…however, not everyone gets bored! Apart from the traditional holiday homework that we all get, I have an authentic list of plans that will surpass an enthusiastic personality of mine after the vacation. I want this summer of mine to be the most productive, relaxing and creative one so far, without stepping out for traveling.

I have got many incredible goals to achieve, new things to learn and numerous skills to hone. I have a passion for writing, so I blog! I love writing about things present around me, which keeps me well-engrossed. I enjoy learning and practicing programming. The skill involves creativity and focus, helping me in mental development. It isn’t necessary that everyone has to blog or code, it’s totally interest based. Nevertheless, these two can be great activities to escape boredom.

Apart from these, I look forward to discover new music and also enhance my current preferences. I am fond of putting on headphones and forget all that’s happening around. It acts as a mood booster and helps me rejuvenate, relax and focus.

Besides, I am a fitness lover. I love exercising and keeping myself fit. Exercising physically boosts me and improves my discipline. Thus, I plan to improve my stamina by refining my workout frequency and trying new sorts of workouts.

As well, I got ‘brush pens’ to try my skills at. I have joined a few pages on Pinterest to learn the winsome art of ‘Brush Pen Calligraphy’. I am eager to grasp perfection and have an alluring progress. Not only this, but I plan to polish my mandala skills as I feel that doodling is a great way to employ time.

Let’s not forget how dearly I love reading. I have purchased a few books to last this summer that will surely enhance my writing skills.

Let alone, I am a cinephile! Yes, I love watching movies; particularly documentaries and history based. Following that I will get my family together and spend a wonderful time.

These all will certainly add different values to my persona, resulting in development of a revamped version of me. I eagerly look forward to pursue all these and get a refreshed me after the break.

What about you?

Ruhani Bachhal, Class viii, Hansraj Public School, Panchkula

Acquire new skills, become more productive

Throwing our school bags in a corner, saying goodbye to our books for a month and watching television all day long. That’s how our vacations used to begin.

For small children, vacations are all about having fun, but with age, comes the burden of studying more, honing our skills, etc.

With time, the once fun-filled vacations have become a critical part of student’s educational life. Summer breaks are highly significant as it helps students acquire new skills and become more productive.

I wish to make my vacations productive by working on my soft skills, finding the right college for myself and starting on my college applications. In addition to that, I intend to do some self-analysis to ensure that I am going in the right direction. I plan on completing my holiday homework during the initial days so that I have the rest of the holidays for myself and utilise them to the fullest. Keeping all the productive activities aside, I also plan on spending time with my friends and family and improving myself to become a better version of what I currently am.

Considering that this will be my last vacation before my boards, I wish to make the best of it by increasing my competency level. Rather than lying in my bed all day long and becoming slothful, I desire to become more active and achieve my summer break goals.

Summer break allows one to relax and rejuvenate. I wish to go on a trip to the mountains with my family to do the same. This will also give me a chance to reconnect with my family.

Instead of just sitting at home and binge watching all day long, one can indulge in creative, recreational and innovational activities. We can learn new languages, work on our creative skills and join some summer camps to make our vacations more fruitful. We can read new books, write journals and even go hiking.

I have planned to make my vacations beneficial, have you?

Khushi Garg, Class XII, Sacred Heart SeniorSecondary School, Sector 26, Chandigarh

Read more books to build vocabulary, reduce stress

Every child excitedly waits for summer vacation. Vacations are the best time for fulfilling our dreams. Dreams are what we admire. Dreams come true when we make them a desire. And desire when we get some qualitative time like vacation.

As I’ve just finished my Class X board examination, so, now I’ve got some time for myself and relaxation but for me relaxing doesn’t means playing video games and sleeping day and night. For me, it is reading more and more books which builds our vocabulary and reduces our stress. Books are our best friends and they are always on an advantageous side. We may buy a book from our pocket money but not a trip to any place. Reading more and more books increases your knowledge of a place where going for a middle-class person is difficult. Books strengthen our brain and prevents cognitive decline.

I’m planning to join swimming classes in the evening. My friends and I have chalked out a plan for a bicycle ride to the Sukhna Lake on every Sunday. I and all my friends are going to arrange some cold juices with our pocket money for the poor children who can’t afford it in this hot sizzling summer. We have also thought of playing badminton early morning every day. We have organised a summer camp for our locality children for free so that children make the best use of their summer vacation. I plan playing many interesting games like Jenga, Uno, cards, etc, with my cousins at night and singing songs with them.

Vacations are the best time to follow your hobbies. Travelling is one of my hobbies. Rejuvenating myself will be going to a nice pleasant place with my family members. I would love to write poems on the beauty of nature.

The most important and the most interesting work would be learning cooking tasty dishes from my maternal grandma.

Vacation are not meant for taking rest but Rejuvenating to the best.

Iknoor Kaur, Appeared for Class X board examination, Sacred Heart Sr Sec School, Sector 26, Chandigarh

Time to explore, learn new and exciting things

Summer vacation is the longest and the most-awaited vacation in an academic year. Summer vacations are the best fun time of the year as this is the time we explore and learn new and exciting things, instead of mindlessly sitting at home in front of the television or laptop. It is crucial to plan for more fun, creative and recreational activities for the vacation.

Summer breaks are highly significant as they help students acquire new skills and become more productive.

The best part of the summer vacation is that you can give personal time to yourself because in schooldays generally students are under pressure due to studies. I am 14 years’ old and this time I have a fun vacation planned.

I have created a to-do list for vacation, which is endless. First of all I have decided to complete my homework within two weeks so that I can enjoy rest of the holidays. I will take care of my skin and diet. I will eat healthy diet, which includes fruits and salads. I’m looking forward to the release of a film this month. My parents have allowed me to watch the film with my friends.

I am definitely going to learn playing guitar by joining music classes. I really love to explore, so I aim to visit many places. This summer I also plan to engage myself in activities that will relax my mind and body. I am planning to wake up late every morning. I love reading and writing. So, I have some of my favourite books to read during the summer vacation. I love writing short stories and poems so I plan to write a few this vacation.

I have decided to learn a new language. I have also started learning cooking by making simple dishes like tea, omelette, pancakes, etc. It is a very important to learn cooking as in a few years I have to go away from my home for higher studies. In the end, I am all set and super excited for my summer vacation and have so many plans. I will stick to all these plans to make the most of my summer vacation. It is surely going to be fun, interesting and full of energy.

Kamalpreet Kaur, Class X, Sant Isher Singh Public School, Phase 7, Mohali

Opportunity to rejuvenate, connect with friends

Summer vacation is an opportunity to rejuvenate, relax and connect with friends, relatives and family after a laborious year. Everyone of us is waiting for summer vacation to start as we get a couple of weeks of free time and we can do whatever we want. As far as I am concerned, I have already planned how I will spend my vacation.

Firstly, my family and I have planned a week-long trip to Shimla, which is well-known for its scenic beauty along with pleasant weather and pine and oak forests. Although there is much more to explore in Shimla, like Jakhu Mandir, the Ridge and church, I really ought to visit the Mall Road, which is a pedestrian-only walkway with plenty of shops. In addition to that Viceregal Lodge and Botanical Gardens are yet another tourist spots I want to explore.

Everybody knows that there is no summer vacation without paying a visit to our grandparents because as they say, “Nani ghar jawaange, mote hoke aawange”. Therefore, every year, in June, I, my cousins and other relatives gather at our grandparents’ house. We all play video games, cricket, board games and much more. Sometimes, we go to watch a movie or dine in a restaurant and have fun together. But none of us forgets our holiday homework so we bring it along. Studying together is actually way more fun than we think. The best thing about being at my grandparents’ house is that they tell us stories through which we learn moral values, life lessons and our old customs and traditions.

After the two-week stay at my grandparents’ house, I will utilise the last few days to get back on track. I will finish my pending assignments, revise everything that was done before holidays and also prepare for my unit tests which will begin once the school reopens.

In the end, I come to the conclusion that summer vacations act as a F5 (refresh button in Windows) for all of us. In spite of all the fun and frolic we have during these holidays we must also utilise them to the full potential.

Ishaandeep Singh Saini, Class X, St Soldier International Convent School, Mohali

Working for a better planet

Summer vacation is one of the most awaited times for most students as it gives them a break from the hard disciplined busy life. Some of them spend their time at their granny's house, while for others it is an opportunity to add a new chapter to their travelogue. But there are a few responsibilities that can also be remembered during these holidays. One such task is Nature. For me personally, Nature is a great teacher. It teaches me numerous things and expects just a little care in return. Working with Nature is fun as well as a learning experience.

My plans for these vacations are to do something for the well-being of my planet. In the past 20-30 years Earth has been damaged brutally due to the greed and indifference of human beings and this can be seen in the rapid climate change. In the past many years, the amount of heat during summer has increased and there have been untimely storms. My plan is to work for some improvements in the surrounding. My family is my motivation and a guide in this task as I am a teenager and there are limitations to what I can do. My parents are largely empathetic so they take this matter seriously. Our plan is to spend 30 days to help Nature in every manner. My mornings start with a morning walk that lead me to find places to plant some saplings. We, a team of seven children, will plant these in an open area where they can grow easily. The task doesn't get over with planting of saplings, but continues with their regular care as much as possible because small plants are like a child. We will have to nourish them until they grow independent. I think we humans are not just lethal on the ground, we have damaged water bodies as well. For the purification of water, we are going to work in ponds, lakes, and rivers. I don't know why people throw plastic in lakes. My friends and I have approached our neighbourhood people torequest them to reduce the use of plastic, especially polythene. Some efforts are also being made to spread awareness about not throwing waste in water. While picking garbage people say that it is gross and unhygienic, but helping our mother in such a way doesn't seem unhygienic and proper sanitation can also be maintained. When I segregate the garbage it decreases my mother's burden and increases the beauty of Mother Nature. Another wonderful part of my holidays is the company of my grandfather, who spends his time serving animals and birds by keeping crumbs and water for them on the terrace. It helps me in gathering knowledge about these animals and birds and also soothes my heart. The animals of our locality will also be helped by us. The last way we want to contribute is by doing something for air. Though we can't do much for it, we will definitely be able to spread some awareness. It's not just me who should contribute to Nature. It is the responsibility of every human being to do this. Try your best and do whatever you can for the well-being of nature and humans. I hope that I'll be successful in executing all my plans for summer vacation and revive mother nature.

Arfin Mondal, Class IX , The Century School, Karnal

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