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Parenting in a digital world

Parenting in a digital world

Dr Neelima Kamrah, Principal, KIIT World School, Gurugram

Parenting or child rearing is a process by which parents help their children shape their lives. Trying to make children independent and socialise are the main motives of child-rearing. Behavioral changes are noticeable in adequately parented and inadequately parented children, as they reflect what they are taught. While parenting, it is necessary to transform them into productive and independent adults. Apart from this, parents have to transmit cultural and religious values which will further shape their spiritual beliefs. Parenting is not only about teaching what our parents teach us, but to put every single effort into making a better person for society and the rest of his life. 

Parenting affected by COVID-19

Raising children is the most difficult job in the world and the one who feels like this is the one least prepared.  After all, one negative experience or bad teaching can affect his whole life and can cause a drastic change in his perspective. The pandemic has given a chance to the parents to spend more time with their children. With schools and workplaces closed, many of us have found ourselves dealing with very stressful, family situations. Dealing with homeschooling, work from home and house chores at the same time are challenging. As a parent at this time, it's easy to feel that you have many roles to fulfill that you are unable to perform properly. While being friendly with your child and generous to yourself, follow these tips to pace up with your role as a parent:


  • OVER PARENTING  Over parenting is a term used for those parents who are not able to see their children failing or making any mistakes. They always want to control things in their children's life. Interfering in their decision-making, averting them from facing consequences, or preventing any emotional discomfort, are some traits of overprotective parents. Restricting children from doing things can make them irritated. Over protectiveness is not just spoiling a child's behavior, but it can ruin a parent’s relationship with the child. Children can tend to hide things from you, avoid conversations or be rude. Don't make them feel lonely and act as a friend. 
  • DON'T  MAKE THEM MOBILE-FRIENDLY This pandemic has made all of us dependent on digital devices. From virtual classes to homework submissions, all the activities are taking place via digital gadgets. Gadgets not only affect the health of its user, but also makes the user addicted. Children learn things by seeing. You should also understand the need to minimize the use of phones in front of them. After the virtual classes, make them do their homework, all by themselves. By this, you can know about how their studies are going as well as the cycle of using phones will break.
  •  FIND THEIR HIDDEN TALENT Even if we are doing our work from home, we have spare time which can be spent with children. Talk to them, answer their queries and know their interests, also feel free to be childish. While observing them, you get a better understanding of what excites them. Try different activities at home which will unleash their creativity and engage both of you.
  • NEVER COMPARE Each child is one of a kind. Never make the mistake of comparing your child with another. This can hurt them deeply. Comparing a child with another can break his self-confidence. While comparing your child, you're only pulling him down. Parenting is encouragement over praise. You have to motivate him, train him, support him, to make them a better version of themselves.
  • KNOW THE REASON BEHIND 'NO' When it comes to doing homework, there's hardly any child who is ready to do it. If homework gives you a headache, then try to find out the reason behind it. Is it a 'will' problem or 'skill' problem? Will problem means, he can do it but doesn't want to. Will problems can be solved by rewarding. Set goals for them and as they complete their work give them what you have promised. While in skill problems, there can be different reasons behind it. Less development of their muscles, facing problems in remembering spellings or lack of confidence. Start working on their weak areas and  make them confident

-Dr. Neelima Kamrah, Principal, KIIT World School, Gurugram

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