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Lahore, Tuesday, March 18, 1924


WE think the boycott of the local municipality by Hindus has not attracted the attention it deserved, considering that it is an event of great importance. As our readers are aware, some eight months ago, 14 Hindu, Sikh and Christian members of the municipality resigned their seats as a protest against certain changes in the constitution of this committee which they considered unwarranted and uncalled-for and calculated to prejudice the interests of their communities and the consequent smooth working of the committee. They took this serious step after they had represented their grievances to the authorities and failed to obtain relief from them. For several months, the administration of the city has been practically in the hands of the Muhammadan Commissioners alone. Last month, fresh elections were held. Thirty Hindu candidates sent in their nomination forms and were duly nominated as candidates. But only a day before the polling was to take place, all of them, without exception, withdrew their candidature. Thus, there was no polling, and all Hindu seats remain vacant. We understand that some of the officials are now involving themselves in the matter. They send for some of the Hindu Raeeses and press them to accept nominations, but so far, no one has had the courage to go against the decision of their community. If the government is finding so much difficulty in filling the three seats of nominated members, one can easily form an idea of the delicate and undesirable situation it has created for itself. If they think that they can get a batch of 14 self-respecting Hindus to fill up the 11 elected and three nominated seats, we may tell them at once that they are attempting a hopeless task.

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