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Lahore, Thursday, April 3, 1924

The high-level conference

THE telegram from Bombay, which announces to an expectant public that a conference between Mahatma Gandhi and other national leaders has been going on for the last two days at the former’s residence and that secrecy is being maintained regarding the proceedings of the conference which has not yet concluded, only whets the public curiosity instead of satisfying it. As we have said already, the issues which this conference is in all probability discussing are of the greatest possible moment. Although no public statement of any kind has been made on the subject, we do not think any man of average intelligence can have any reasonable doubt as to what these issues are. The three concrete problems of outstanding importance before the country are, first, whether the non-cooperators generally and Gandhi in particular will support the council entry programme of the Swarajists, and if so, what change, if any, is to be made in that programme in order to obtain this support. Secondly, what other programme, apart from that connected with the working of the councils, the party as a whole is to carry out both for the purpose of the country’s general self-fulfilment and for bringing the pressure of a united public life in the country to bear upon the British Government with a view to the early attainment of Swarajya. Thirdly and lastly, how to restore and strengthen Hindu-Muslim unity. These must also be the problems which the conference is considering. As regards the first of these problems, the key is solely in Gandhi’s hands, while as regards the other two, he can clearly do more to solve them than any other individual in the country.

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