The IT and BPO industry is facing the pressures of its own growth. Alcohol, ill-health and escalating divorce rates are taking a huge toll of talent. Jangveer Singh looks at the consequences of the pressure-cooker lifestyles of young executives and the need for care and counsel
Ten years back Information Technology and IT Enabled Services was a sunrise industry in India. The government wisely gave the industry a free hand to frame employee policies which it did with aplomb. Today, the industry is entrenched in the metros and fast moving to tier-two and even tier-three cities with demand outstripping supply. 


Tales of triumph
Women belonging to the poor Muslim community in Saharanpur district of UP have come out in quest of education, better living and a future for themselves and their children, writes Raju William
A silent change amongst the orthodox Muslim community in Saharanpur district of UP is taking place. The change-makers in the community, afflicted with illiteracy, poverty and ignorance, are poor Muslim women from villages.

The spirit of Janmashtami and Ganesha utsav is carried forward to the joy of Durga Puja and Ram Lila, writes Kunjalata Desai
Festive days are here

most Indians, Dasehra marks the peak of the festival season. The festive spirit, captured during the Janmashtami and Ganesha utsav celebrations, is carried forward amidst the pulsating beats of Navratra dances, the joyous abandon of Durga Puja and the splendorous euphoria surrounding Ram Lila stage shows.

Gateway to Australia
Sydney’s stunning architecture, fascinating landmarks, exquisite cuisine, inviting harbour and grand shopping arcades make it a hot tourist spot, writes Tanushree Podder

is known as the Gateway to Australia. The city was founded on January 26, 1788, when 11 ships bearing 1400 people — convicts, soldiers and a handful of other settlers — arrived from England to establish a remote new colony.

Yale’s India connection
K.J.S. Chatrath
I had written to a French Professor in Paris, whom I know as an Indophile, informing him of my new website on European Graves in India. I received a prompt mail in reply telling me that he was, for a few months, in the US, at Yale University, for giving a course on "Popular Religion in India’ during the fall term.

Ads are tougher: Abhishek
Subhash K. Jha
actor Abhishek Bachchan, who is the new brand ambassador of Flying Machine jeans and is all set to shoot for its ad films, says it is anything but easy to work in ad films.


In the name of the father
The conflict between the father and the son has been the staple of many a Hindi film,
says M.L. Dhawan

is the muse around which many film stories have been woven. A recent film Gandhi—My Father, produced by Anil Kapoor, conveys the longing of a hapless father and the frustrations of an ambitious son. Mahatma Gandhi (Darshan Jariwala) sacrifices the future of his son Harilal (Akshaye Khanna) for the sake of nation. 

Dharam is still garam
V. Ananth

is happy with the response for his last two releases — Metro and Apne and hopes that they like him in his latest release Johnny Gaddar too.
"It is about a group of people who want to make quick money, though initially it is out of necessity.

Kher to act in Amritraj’s film
Anupam Kher
has accepted a pivotal role in producer Ashok Amritraj’s The Other End Of The Line, a love story featuring an Indian girl in Mumbai from a call centre who travels all the way to San Francisco to be with her American love-interest (Jesse Matcalfe). Anupam Kher plays the heroine’s father.


'ART & SOUL: Stone from heaven
by B.N. Goswamy

TELEVISION: Comedy call

FOOD TALK: Check out this chicken
by Pushpesh Pant

Hollywood Hues: Loud family drama
Ervell E. Menezes

CONSUMER RIGHTS: Hospitals must pay heed to hygiene
Pushpa Girimaji

GARDEN LIFE: Evergreen conifer
Kiran Narain

by David Bird

ULTA PULTA: Rank honesty
by Jaspal Bhatti


Story of free India
M. Rajivlochan
India After Gandhi: The History of the World’s Largest Democracy
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Pages 900. Rs 695.

All is nothing but God
Kuldip Dhiman
Vedanta and its Philosophical Development
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Snapshots of tough women
Shalini Rawat
The Illusion of Home
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The facets of human life
Kanchan Mehta
Defining Moments: A Memoir
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A love no less
Priyanka Singh
Running up the Hill
by Anita Krishan.
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Re-look at the uprising
Rachna Singh
Revisiting 1857: Myth, Memory, History
Ed. Sharmistha Gooptu and
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Voices of the spurned
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
by Rahila Gupta
Portobello. Pages 318. `A312.99

Early Auden poems discovered
Ciar Byrne
A collection of previously unknown poems, thought to be early examples of the work of W H Auden, have been unearthed in a school magazine. Auden at Gresham's School next week, were discovered by John Smart, a former head of art, who chanced across them while researching the life of another literary old boy.

East and West meet in his work
Shusaku Endo, often termed the Japanese Graham Greene, was the quintessential outsider who explored the themes of grace, faith, betrayal and moral dilemmas, writes Ashish Alexander
Eleven years after his death, Shusaku Endo remains one of the most-read Japanese novelist world wide. This despite not being a Nobel laureate like his contemporary, Kenazaburo Oe, who won the award in 1994 and Yasunari Kawabata who was the first Japanese to receive the coveted prize in 1968.

Bio of barefoot girl
biography of Shakira, put together by her first promoter, will recount the difficult start to the Colombian pop star's now-wildly successful music career.

Jinnah & the maharaja
Randeep Wadehra
Jinnah and Punjab
Ed Amarjit Singh
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