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In his latest book, Goodbye Shahzadi,
Shyam Bhatia traverses the highs and lows of a 34-year-long friendship with Benazir Bhutto to present a personal account of the woman and her politics. In the course of many candid conversations with the author, Benazir spoke about her family and Pakistan's defence and foreign policies. In this book Bhatia reveals, for the first time, details of conversations that remained confidential during her lifetime.

Although America had provided much of Islamabad’s military hardware and been the major source of foreign economic aid, any suggestion that a Pakistani ruler was prepared to get overly close to the US was bound to be viewed with suspicion on the Pakistani street.

Benazir Bhutto

Startling Revelation
UCH of what Benazir told me that evening (2003 in Dubai) I committed to memory, as I was not permitted to take notes or make use of my taperecorder. We had got to the dessert stage when she came out with the big secret. The gist of what she told me was that before leaving for North Korea in 1993, she shopped for an overcoat with the ‘deepest possible pockets’ into which she transferred CDs containing the scientific data about uranium enrichment that the North Koreans wanted.

The lost heritage
Murals depicting events from Sikh history were lost during the reconstruction of Akal Takht,
writes Kanwarjit Singh Kang
KAL Takht, constructed a few paces from Harmandar Sahib at Amritsar, is the highest seat of Sikhs. Guru Hargobind, the sixth Guru, raised it as an open brick platform. Later, a hall was constructed on the site. In the 18th century, Sikhs gave it a better shape and Maharaja Ranjit Singh raised the edifice to its five-storey height. It was embellished with murals about the middle of the 19th century.

Masters of art
Madhusree Chatterjee
N an interesting trend in the Indian art market this summer, parity in prices between works by contemporary artists and modern masters is prompting buyers to settle for the latter. A large body of first-time buyers are choosing works by established artists primarily because of the timeless quality and the brand attached to their works.

Tales from the tiger trail
Lalit Mohan
N the Ranthambhore Forest Reserve you have to carry your luck along with the usual paraphernalia needed for tiger spotting. There are five routes into this vast sanctuary from the direction of Sawai Madhopur. But all visitors are not allowed to crowd onto any one route which, based on the last rumour, is rated as the big cat’s favourite at that moment. So the trails or routes are assigned by draw of lots.

I prefer multi-starrers: Sudhanshu Pandey
Shweta Sharma
INGER, model and actor Sudhanshu Pandey, who is eagerly waiting for the completion of his new film Alibaug, says he doesn’t mind working in a multi-starrer because it stands a better chance at the box office. "Even established actors like Saif Ali Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan feature in multi-starrers.

Reel funk
Film music has moved to a stage where lyric writers fit words to pre-composed tunes,
writes Derek Bose
INDI film music is no longer what it used to be. From radio and television, it has spilled on to the fashion ramp, promotional events, cricket field, cell phones, computer games. It is just about everywhere. And the funny part is there is no getting away from its spell. Unconsciously, you’d find yourself humming the same tune you had detested some time back. Bollywood music has become so very infectious.

Indiana Jones is back
Paul Vallely on Harrison Ford’s return to the silver screen after 18 years
HE jokes have been wearily predictable. The news that Harrison Ford is to return to the silver screen as Indiana Jones, some 18 years after what was billed as his Last Crusade, has prompted a deluge of dodgy ageist puns. The 66-year-old star is ironically rebranded as Indefatigable Jones, and the film, variously, as Raiders of the Lost Memories, The Saviour of a Lost Art, and The Temple of Zimmer.


Positive way of life
Keen to do something for HIV-positive women and children, Sushila has formed a network of 325 women—most of them widows from across Rajasthan—to rehabilitate those infected,
writes Renu Rakesh
HIS is the tale of a woman who has persevered for over two years to be able to become the foster mother of 10 HIV-positive children. Sushila and her husband, Buti Ram, are neither people living with HIV/AIDS nor a childless couple. So why has Sushila waged a lonely battle against stigma and discrimination for the sake of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS? She has even welcomed them into her two-room house in Jaipur.

The vital handshake
EVER mind polishing your resume. Work on the handshake instead to get that job—at least that's what a new research suggests. According to University of Iowa researchers, a firm handshake is key to getting a good job. In the study scientists had put 98 students through mock job interviews with business people. The students also met those trained in firm handshakes who, unknown to the students, rated their grips.

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