Life through LIGHT

Light is a silent brush that paints the surroundings in magical colours. Nair captures this at Rangdum, Ladakh.
Light is a silent brush that paints the surroundings in magical colours. Nair captures this at Rangdum, Ladakh.

With the camera as his tool and light as his muse Mahesh Nair captures different moods of Mother Nature in his book Let There Be Light. The book — with essays by experts — offers a range of perspectives on the effects of light in the world around us. Excerpts:

Photography comes from the French "photographie" which is based on the Greek words phos (light), and graphis (stylus, paintbrush) or graphê (representation by means of lines or drawing), together meaning "drawing with light." So, the essential element for photography, apart from the photographer, the subject and the camera, is light.

Making the invisible visible

West has only junk culture — M.F.Husain
Roped in for a massive project to create 99 paintings on Arab culture by Qatar’s royal family, eminent painter M F Husain, in self-exile after drawing the ire of Hindu outfits for his works, insists that art is India’s "soul" and has the depth that is lacked by the West which has only "junk culture" to offer.

War robot
Robot manufacturer iRobot Corporation and research and development company Metal Storm have together invented a war robot for the U.S. military. Experts behind the Terminator-like war robot have yet to name it. As of now, the robot is being marketed for “border patrol” and “crowd control” scenarios. Its makers say that they are trying to enable the machine to work in several other military situations, too.

A trek to Bijli Mahadev
K.C. Prashar
Situated at an altitude of 2,438 metres (8,000 ft), the Bijli Mahadev shrine is 10 km from Kullu across the Beas river. The temple is located opposite the township on top of a hillcrest.

Stonehenge: Geometric perfection
A study has revealed that the builders of the Stonehenge had a sophisticated knowledge of geometry to rival that of even Pythagoras, the ancient Greek mathematician. According to a report in The Independent, five years of detailed research, carried out by the Oxford University landscape archaeologist Anthony Johnson, has claimed that Stonehenge was designed and built using advanced geometry.

Ekta in a hurry to launch Mahabharat
The show will be aired in July instead of August. Srabanti Chakrabarti on the reasons behind the haste
It seems Ekta Kapoor is in a rush to launch her version of the Mahabharata. Maybe the rumours that other production houses have serials lined up on the same epic can explain the advancement of her show’s launch date by more than a month. Ekta’s Kahani Hamare Mahabharat Ki will premiere on July 7 at 9 pm on 9X. The serial will be aired from Monday to Thursday.

Call of the countryside
The recently released Summer 2007 is set in a village. M. L. Dhawan looks at films on rural India

Since the success of Yash Raj Chopra’s Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, rural settings have become fashionable in Hindi cinema. However, the overdressed farmer families in these films appear more like an NRI filmmaker’s idea of rural India. Filmmakers like Bimal Roy, Shyam Benegal, Govind Nihalani etc have tried to capture the toil and struggle of farm labourers.

Kamal’s perfect 10
Kamal Hassan’s magnum opus Dasavathaaram, featuring the superstar in 10 roles, is the costliest-ever movie in India. Made with a colossal budget of nearly Rs 65 crore, the film was released after a long legal battle. The Tamil film was also released in Telugu and Hindi.


Positively brave
HIV-positive Koma Mohanty is an example of courage for women in similar situation in Ganjam district of Orissa. She addresses awareness rallies in villages and schools of the area, says Manipadma Jena


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OFF the shelf
Man of words and actions
V.N. Datta

Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat: The Dire Warning
by John Lukacs.
Basic Books, New York. Pages147. $ 25.95.

Bedtime ruminations
Aradhika Sharma

Goodnight and God Bless
by Anita Nair. Penguin Viking. Rs. 399. Pages 284.

Life and travails of a courtesan
Harbans Singh

The Courtesan’s Keeper: A Satire from Ancient Kashmir
Trans. by A.N.D Haksar. Rupa. Pages 85. Rs 150.

Humour in uniform
Shalini Rawat

Boots, Belts and Berets
by Tanushree Poddar. Indiaink, Roli Books. Pages 223. Rs 295.

Breaking free
Priyanka Singh
Freedom’s Ransom
by Prafulla Roy.
Translated from Bengali by John W. Hood.
Roli. Pages 313. Rs 295.

Books received: Hindi

The business of medicine
Randeep Wadehra
Medical tourism in India: management and promotion
by Dr R. Kumar. Deep & Deep, N. Delhi.
Pages: ix+335. Rs 980.

Jhumpa Lahiri: writer in quest of roots
Rachel Hore

Beyond The World Of Apu — The films of Satyajit Ray
by John W. Hood. Orient Longman
Pages 476. Rs 550.

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