Battling besharmi
Do the recent besharmi morchas, following in the footsteps of the much-publicised Pink Chaddi Campaign of 2009, prove that the situation of women in public places has not improved? And are such movements a better way for women to fight the battle for respect in public spaces and homes? Vimla Patil checks out
As a movement, the slut walks are a recent development in India
Following the first-ever ‘slut walk’ in Toronto in April, 2011, to protest against sexist remarks and attitudes in public life, Indian women, too, have decided to express their anger at the disrespect they face in daily life as well as in offices and homes.

What women can do to avoid sexual harassment

Pink Chaddi & beyond
Shortly after the Pink Chaddi Campaign, a group of activists started a Facebook group to exchange views. This was hacked and threats and sexist slurs were added to the comments. Eventually, Facebook, unable to control the hacking, disabled the account and stopped any access to its contents.

Pahari flavour
Historians agree that Basohli miniatures are the oldest of all the Pahari paintings with offshoots in the Jammu region and Himachal Pradesh, writes Suraj Saraf
Raja Kirpal Paul of Basohli was by all means a remarkable ruler. Given keenly to literary, artistic and spiritual pursuits, he immortalised himself by pioneering the world- famous Basohli school miniatures which find a place of pride in every important museum globally.

At the Lord’s alter
Tribune photographer Anand Sharma and staffer Ravi Krishnan Khajuria trekked the 14-km- long arduous Baltal track to have a rendezvous with Lord Shiva at His abode — the Amarnath Cave Shrine this year

In Shiva’s abode
Ravi Krishnan Khajuria
Every year more than four lakh pilgrims visit the cave shrine from June-end to mid-August to pay obeisance to the ice lingam. The pilgrimage requires physical as well as mental toughness. Baltal is one of the two starting points of the yatra. Once at Baltal, our expedition started from Domali around 8 PM on June 28.

Green decor
Ritu Rana
ransform a dinner party table, console, mantle piece or a coffee table with a centrepiece of glossy foliage of evergreens, berries, succulents and candles without having to splurge on ornamental flowers and greens from the florists.

On a high with a tie
A tie gives you confidence and makes you feel good, says Hector Choksi
O wear or not to wear? Wearing a tie to work has always been a bone of contention in corporate circles. India being a tropical country, wearing ties seems quite impractical, but as a fallout of the days of the Raj, it has continued to be a corporate tradition.

World's first waterproof book
HE world's first waterproof book is set to hit shelves next summer. The book is covered with a clear wax sealant that will prevent the ink from running, and stop pages from becoming soggy and tearing when wet.

‘Being sexy is a state of mind’
Anushka Sharma, who was recently chosen as the cover girl for international men’s magazine Maxim, in conversation with Sreya Basu
What’s your definition of being sexy?
think being sexy is a state of mind. Especially for a woman, it’s the way you feel; how confident you feel in your skin.

The craft of Konkona
Shoma A. Chatterji chats up the versatile actor, whose Iti Mrinalini, directed by her mother Aparna Sen, was released recently
onkona Sen Sharma has come a long way since her first appearance on screen as a three-year-old boy in a Bengali film Indira. She made her debut as leading lady in Ek Je Aachhey Kanya, a psychological thriller in Bengali, directed by Subrata Sen. The film established her as an actress of talent and versatility.

Clooney’s success secret
George Clooney has revealed that he had made many mistakes in his career but has always bounced back from them. Clooney, 50, believes that it’s all because of the ‘terrible’ work he did that he is now a successful actor.



'ART & SOUL: The books in our lives
by B.N. Goswamy

TELEVISION: Restoring vintage beauties

Globoscope: Apes fail to click
by Ervell E. Menezes

Food talk: Tikki tak-a-tak
by Pushpesh Pant

Complain if denied education loan
by Pushpa Girimaji

by Jaspal Bhatti


Into the world of great painters
These two volumes bring out the artists from the shadows of their ‘masters’and recognise the contributions long eclipsed by their patrons and scholars alike
Masters of Indian Painting 1100-1900 (Two Volumes)
Eds M. C. Beach, Eberhard Fischer and B. N. Goswamy.
Artibus Asiae Publishers, Zurich.
Pages 839, with more than 500 coloured illustrations.
Reviewed by Mahesh Sharma

Books received: English

Aesthete assassin
By Don Winslow
Headline/ Hachette.
Pages 537. Rs 395.
Reviewed by Roopinder Singh

Glimpses of life
Spotting Veron and Other Stories
By Ankush Saikia.
Rupa. Pages 182. Rs 195.
Reviewed by Aditi Garg

Suspenseful whodunit
Love on the Rocks
By Ismita Tandon Dhanker.
Pages 211. Rs 150.
Reviewed by Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu

Praising puns
S. Raghunath
A good pun may be admitted among the small excellencies of a lively conversation. — James Russell
When common people like puns and make them, then a nation is on a high level of civilisation. — G. C. Lichtenberg
THERE is something to be said both for and against puns. They upset the dignity of speech, flout the rules of civilised conversation and cut the ground of logic from under us. On the other hand, to a great practitioner and artificer of words, a pun is a language on vacation. It exposes the vulnerability of language to the onslaught by irreverence.

Realising life with clinical precision
Nonika Singh
dynamo of acting prowess, veteran actor Mohan Agashe is as dynamic in person. Before you pop the question, he has an answer. But then, reading minds is both his profession and passion. A qualified psychiatrist, Agashe can’t say whether art imitates life or vice-versa.

Fact and fiction
Zafri Mudasser Nofil
In A Scandalous Secret, reality creeps into fiction, says author Jaishree Misra
aishree Misra, whose A Scandalous Secret is the story of an Indian woman who gave up her new-born child for adoption when she was a student in England, feels her novel has a bit of reality invariably creeping into fiction and that makes it credible.

Potter casts one final spell on Bloomsbury
Nick Clark
S fans waved goodbye to Harry Potter with the release of the final film in the series, the teen wizard once again cast a spell over publisher Bloomsbury, whose sales "surged" in response.

Short Takes
Heart and heartbreaks
Reviewed by Randeep Wadehra
Blinkers Off 
by Andaleeb Wajid
Rupa & Co. Pages 270. Rs 295.
Sword and Abyss
by Keki N. Daruwala.
Har Anand.
Pages 152. Rs 295.
Love in the Reality
By Hardik Dhamija.
Mahaveer Publishers.
Pages 189. Rs 125.