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World Environment Day

Amritsar civic body employees plant saplings

Amritsar civic body employees plant saplings

Civic body employees plant saplings

The MC has stepped up its proposed implementation of projects to improve the city’s green cover. Recently, the MC has drafted a proposal to instal mass air purifier wind augmentation and air purifying units ‘WAYU’ at major traffic junctions under the Smart City project. It would also create green belts along roads, pace up work on afforestation and collaborate with non-profit organisations to carry out plantation drives.

Following the directions of the National Green Tribunal (NGT), the MC would spend Rs 85 lakh on the installation of ‘WAYU’ units.

Several NGOs have also initiated steps to promote green spaces. Rohit Mehra, IRS and an environmental activist, has collaborated with the administration to build vertical gardens and also start first green ambulance service to recover dying or uprooted trees. “It takes time to bring about the change we desire. Education is as important as implementation for recovering the lost natural wealth and moving towards sustainability,” said Rohit.

Dilbir Foundation, another major contributor towards afforestation campaigns in the city, has started 5Tree project, which aims to encourage people to plant five fruit saplings, especially native varieties. “As a pre-monsoon activity, we are motivating people to plant saplings in order to increase fruit bearing tree cover in the city. Traditional varieties, which are being encouraged are mulberry, jamun, mango, jujube, moringa, tamarind and gooseberry. These enable food production and atmospheric oxygenation for the needy. The tree species shall be made available to all who come forward. Ace tree planters are being given incentives up to 30 per cent on organic produce by us,” said Gunbir Singh, president, Dilbir Foundation.

The district administration has begun the process of creating mini forests at Chali Khuh and another mini forest will be created and adopted by the FICCI FLO. Guru Nanak Dev University has already started work on turning six acres of its land into a mini forest. Concepts of multi-plantation, including seed bomb dispersal were being adopted to ensure maximum plantation before the monsoon arrives.


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