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Brides Wanted

Published on: Jun 16, 2019, 7:50 AM

  • Seeking beautiful, professionally qualified, tall (preference to US citizen/ PR Canada girl) for very handsome cleanshaven Jat Sikh boy, 1993/ 6'-4", M.S. Civil Engg. from Canada work permit, only son of Chief Engineer, inheriting large rural/urban property. Affluent, Khandaani, highly educated family to correspond. Contact: 70099-51163, CL19011218
  • Looking for suitable match from USA/Canada for a handsome British born 1982 Khatri boy, USA green card holder, height 5'-7", M.Sc. in Maths and currently working with Oil Company in a senior position in USA and lives in the USA. Caste no bar. Girl must be pleasant and family oriented. Please send correspondence with bio-data and photos via Email: CL19015557
  • Wanted Himachali, professionally qualified (preferably working), decent match for Saraswat Brahmin boy 5'-7", 1989 born, LL.M., own Law firm in Shimla. 7 years of established practice. From highly educated family. Kundli must. CL19016120
  • Jat Sikh, born and raised in USA, clean shaven, smart, issueless divorcee, handsome good looking boy, born 1981, height 6'-3", well established family in California, studied Business Management in UC San Diego, business owner and IT Consultant. Send biodata with recent photos. Email: CL19022567
  • Australia based well educated Jat Sikh family looking for qualified, homely girl from educated family for our son, Australian citizen, handsome, clean shaven, 37 years, 5'-9", working as Senior Engineer, earning 6 digit salary and issueless divorcee. Family owns rural and urban properties in India and urban properties in Australia. Contact on Email: CL19024614
  • Seeks edu girl for Punjabi Sarswat Brahmin boy 90 born/5'-7" & fair, B.Sc IT, wrkng as Sr. Technical Engnr. @ Bengaluru, 18 LPA. Fmly belongs to Punjab/Una. E: CL19024628
  • Match for Jatt Sikh boy US citizen, handsome, 1984/ 6', B.Tech from India, MS and MBA from US, settled and employed in US, high salary, urban+rural property in India, short marriage dissolved, 3 yrs old son lives with mother. Proposal invited from unmarried/ divorcee girls. Contact: +19527377937 (WhatsApp), CL19024646
  • Suitable match for Sikh Arora USA citizen boy born, 1982, 5'-11", issueless divorcee, Degree IT. Robotic System Engineer, $ 90K per annual. Call/whatsapp: 9888812115. CL19026143
  • Suitable qualified match for Canada PR Jat Sikh boy 28/6'-1", B.E. (ECE) from prestigious Indian Institute, IT (SAIT) Canada, PMP Certification. Convent educated only child of well educated well settled family of Mohali, having Urban/Rural Property. Boy is holding respectable permanent pensionable Canada Govt. job as Program Administrative Officer, (Business Analyst) having decent salary. Contact 98729-90965. CL19027634
  • B.Tech., 5'-10", April 1988, working Govt. Bank, Selected RBI. Father Railways retired, mother housewife, brother PSU. 94636-87302. CL19027637
  • Army Captain 28/ 5'-10", Chandigarh Resident. Seeks fair, tall, beautiful, Qualified girl. Wattsapp no 98720-99052. CL19028048
  • Suitable match for slim clean-shaven Saini boy 5'-8''/ 25 yrs. B.Tech CSE, Working in Multi National Company Mohali. Only Son, Own Kothi in Mohali, Also Agri. Land in Mohali, High Salary Package. Australia, Canada, NZ PR match/ B.Sc Nursing preferred. Parents well settled, Caste no bar. WhatsApp/ Phone 9810993037. CL19028104
  • Slim, beautiful qualified match for post graduate regular govt. job in Chandigarh boy, 5'-6", 26.10.1986. Contact: 94633-96582. CL19028354
  • Professionally qualified match for Ramgarhia Sikh handsome boy, 88/5'-9", BE (Hons.), CSE, MS (USA), presently working as Software Engineer in Intel California, USA on H1B visa, having I-140, earning US $ 166000. Own house and car in USA. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 9872664164, 9815964564. E-mail: CL19028382
  • Match for SC handsome 5'-8", 22 yrs boy on work permit in Canada. Family well settled in India. Required tall beautiful Canadian PR girl. Caste no bar. 99149-92915. CL19028570
  • Seeking Educated/ Working Professional girl prefrably USA, Canada for Hindu Khatri boy 5'-9''/ 06.06.1990, 2.55 am, Chandigarh born. IT Engineer in USA/ H.1 Visa. Business family having own Showroom/ House in Chandigarh. 9988454004. CL19028575
  • SM4 handsome Jatt Sikh boy, Sept. 1987, 6', B.Tech., Manager in MNC, 40 LPA. PR under process with 8 band IELTS. Wanted beautiful, educated & employee girl, minimum height 5'-5" & above. 97803-33884 (WhatsApp also), 62390-60693. Email: CL19028713
  • Jat Sikh smart 29/ 5'-11", M.S.(IT) from Australia, now in Canada on visitor visa, work permit applied, also having US multiple visa for 10 years. Looking Canadian PR or work permit girl. 98722-17875. CL19028726
  • Jat-Sikh boy, 1989, 5'-9", B.Tech, MBA from Global Top Universities. Working in Australia for Global MNC seeks professional match preferrably American. Send Biodata/Pics., whatsapp 9464455295. CL19028754
  • Indian Lubana Sikh cleanshaven handsome boy 29/ 5'-8", Theater Degree, Theater/ IELTS Teacher and Artist requires USA/ Canada citizen or Green card educated girl. Indian employed girl also considered. Brother America/ Sister Canada/ Parents USA Green Card Holder, Rural/ Urban property. Caste no bar. 99887-10234, 98886-04234. CL19028768
  • Educated sober match for handsome fair complexion Aggarwal boy, 5'-5", 11 May 1992, 10:20 p.m. Rampur Bushahr (HP). Belongs to reputed business family of Rampur (HP).  MBA (Finance), engaged in family business. Contact: 94180-08872. Email: CL19028806
  • Saini Sikh boy, 6', 27 Sept 1990, Masters from Canada, well settled with PR, working as Web Developer. 83608-56226. CL19028812
  • Professionally qualified match for handsome Ramgarhia clean shaven Sikh boy, 5'-11", Nov. 1988, Marketing Management,Canada, Working UPS (Union based). P.R Canada. Contact: 98887-83705. Email: CL19029015
  • Chandigarh based Lubana Sikh family US Green Card holders seeks Decent Life Partner for son Age 29 years 6' tall handsome Pilot in USA Airlines. Father IRS Officer. Whatsapp 98152-37989. CL19029137
  • S/M for Mavi, August 1993, Citizen/own house Italy. Girl should be professionally qualified. Preferred girl living Italy. +39-347 235 9552, +91-94648-95411. CL19029154
  • Professionally qualified match for Ph.D. Engg. Ravidasia boy, 5'-9", Dec. 1984, settled in Germany. Caste no bar. European preferred. 91-8288091995.  CL19029192
  • Professionally match for Manglik Minhas Rajput boy, 5'-10", B.Tech. (CSE), working MNC (IT), 09.09.1990, 10:25 a.m., Daulatpur chowk, Una (HP). Upper caste no bar. Contact: 98157-24000. CL19029193
  • SM for Saini handsome Radha Soami NRI boy, presently in India, 20.4.89, 5'-11", Australian PR, Accounting  Graduate. Family settled Panchkula. Prefer B.Tech. (IT) M.Tech. (IT), B.Sc. (Nursing), BDS, PR/Student girl. 89016-28971 (WhatsApp). CL19029206
  • PQM well educated match for Khatri/ Arora boy, Dec. 85, 5'-7", B.Tech. India, MBA USA, Sr. Manager in USA on H1B. Green Card in process. Canada PR holder. WhatsApp biodata on +14804524815 or USA/ Canada or highly educated from India will be considered. Upper caste no bar. CL19029528
  • MDS/ Student vegetarian teetotaller match for slim fair handsome 175 cms, 1992 born Khatri boy of well known Doctors family. Presently III yr MS (Ophthal) from reputed college of Chandigarh. WhatsApp biodata horoscope. 98140-75306, 96461-21585. CL19029543
  • Jat Sikh Data Analyst/ Data Engineer, 5'-9"/ January 1979, US citizen, working in Massachusetts. Looking for well educated girl. Please email:  CL19029576
  • SM for Ramgarhia Sikh boy, July 90, 5'-8", B.Tech. ECE NIT Jal., IT Consultant MNC Gurgaon, package 18 LPA. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 9815309644. CL19029857
  • Manglik, Non-manglik match for permanent Govt. employee MBA, 30/5'-10" boy. Govt. employed/M.Sc. B.Ed. preferred. Mob. 83606-19473.  CL19030062
  • Suitable slim match for 1986 born Hindu Khatri boy, 5'-6", Masters in Computer Sciences, working in U.S. Upper caste no bar. NRI preferred. Contact: 9888090055. CL19030160
  • IAS (Allied)/PCS/HCS/PCMS/HCMS/Doctors/Banker POs match for Saini Sikh, clean shaven, 5'-11", Sep. 87, handsome, B.Tech., MBA, Indian Civil Services serving officer, Assistant Controller (ICFS). 97802-89213. CL19030249
  • Beautiful, professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh Grewal boy, 27 yrs, 5'-7", PR Newzealand, hails from educated family, having urban property only. 98724-87606, 98157-42950. CL19030254
  • Khatri Arora issueless divorcee boy DOB 29.10.1987, Timing 10:35 p.m., Height 5'-6". Old marriage period one month only. Own house in Chandigarh. Ph 90561-28312. CL19030441
  • Professionally qualified match for Saini Sikh boy 29/6’-0”, Veterinary Doctor, Master’s in Veterinary Science, pursuing further specialization, Canadian PR. Educated Family. Urban and rural base in India. Send family details and photograph. E-mail: CL19030503
  • SM for Jat Sikh boy March 87 born, 5'-11", convent schooling, B.Com. and CPA. Working in a niche profile related to investment Banking Finance with a mojor Australian Bank at Sydney. Australian citizen, handsome, well-versed in both cultures and has a pleasant disposition. Well to do reputed and officers family. , WhatsApp: 98153-06967. CL19030673
  • Seeking PQM for Judicial Officer, HCS (J), Age 38. 5'-6", Mutual divorce in 2017. No siblings. Arora Punjabi family. Caste no bar. CL19030798
  • Suitable match for 5'-11" handsome Saraswat Brahmin boy, 29 years, B.Tech., MBA. Working in MNC at Gurgaon, Drawing good salary and Own's house at Panchkula. Girl working, MNC Govt orgn. preferred. Contact 93161-97483. CL19030899
  • Girl from educated Sikh family of Khatri Sikh boy, 32 years, 5'-10", B.Tech., MBA York University, Canada. Permanent job in Toronto. Call/WhatsApp: 94171-82983. Email: CL19030972