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CAMPUS notes: Innocent Hearts

CAMPUS notes: Innocent Hearts

Students of Innocent Hearts School celebrate the Baisakhi festival in Jalandhar on Friday. Tribune photo

Tribune News Service

Jalandhar: Baisakhi festival was celebrated with great pomp in all five schools of Innocent Hearts (Green Model Town, Loharan, Cantt-Jandiala Road, Nurpur Road and Kapurthala Road). In the special assembly, everyone was made aware of the important role of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar in the making of the Constitution and his three fundamental principles of liberty, equality and fraternity. The historical importance of Baisakhi festival was narrated to the children while highlighting Punjabi culture. Innocent Hearts Schools and Innokids were decorated with Phulkari, cut-outs of farmers, drums and balloons. The programme started with Shabad-gayan. Little children dressed in traditional folk costumes performed bhangra to the beats of drums. The children of Grade 1 presented Punjabi culture by wearing Punjabi costumes on the theme ‘Punjab Di Shaan-Punjabi’. The children of Grade II presented giddha on the theme of ‘Dhol Dhamaka’, singing Boliyaan in Punjabi dialect. The giddha and bhangra presented by the students made the whole environment entertaining and pleasant. The students of Grades III and IV participated in ‘Bachpan Diya Yaadan’ —- pin-wheel decoration activity. Sharmila Nakra (Deputy Director, Cultural Affairs) introduced the students to the rich cultural heritage of Punjab and explained the significance of the agricultural festival Baisakhi

Sanskriti KMV School

Sanskriti KMV School celebrated the vibrant spirit of Baisakhi with joy and fervour, marking the beginning of the 2024-25 academic session. The morning commenced with a special assembly, where students showcased their talent through songs and poetry, resonating with the spirit of the festival. Speeches were delivered, highlighting the historical significance of Baisakhi and paying tribute to the life of Dr BR Ambedkar. In the primary wing of the school, young children adorned in colourful Punjabi attire participated in lively folk dances, including giddha and bhangra, infusing the atmosphere with joy and celebratory mood. Grade I and II students also enjoyed ‘Sharing is caring’ activity while sharing lunch with their friends. A special attraction of the event was the meticulously crafted village fair, showcasing various aspects of Punjabi culture such as Punjabi Rasoi, charkha, well, bangles shop, ‘Sarson Da Saag’, ‘Bootey da Ghar’, ‘Bantu Malish Wala’, Govt School, ‘Bus Adda’, ‘Jaggu Halwai’ etc, that enriched the cultural experience. Principal Rachna Monga emphasised the importance of drawing inspiration from the life of Dr BR Ambedkar and extended heartfelt greetings to everyone on the auspicious occasion of Baisakhi

PCM SD College for Women

The Youth Club of PCM SD College for Women held a vibrant literary talk centred around the theme ‘Historical significance of Baisakhi’. The event aimed to educate students about the profound importance of Baisakhi in Punjab’s cultural and historical landscape. The activity commenced with an insightful presentation on the significance of Baisakhi in the lives of peasants, highlighting its role as a festival marking the harvest season. The Khalsa Panth and the poignant history of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre were eloquently elucidated by students, providing a comprehensive understanding of the festival’s historical context. Dr Neena Mittal, in-charge of the Youth Club, emphasised the special and inspiring nature of Baisakhi, particularly at a socio-religious level in Punjab. She extended her heartfelt congratulations to the students for their active participation and engagement in celebrating this auspicious occasion. Furthermore, Prof Pooja Prashar expressed her reverence for Baisakhi as a blessed day in both agricultural and Sikh life.

MGN Public School

Baisakhi celebrations were held at MGN Public School showcasing its religious and cultural significance. The school sought the blessing of the Almighty through Shabad Kirtan and Ardas followed by folk music and folk dance by the students of primary and secondary wing, elevating the mood and adding to enthusiasm for the festival. A turban-tying competition was held and the winners of various categories were honoured by Principal Kanwaljeet Singh Randhawa along with academic coordinator-cum- headmistress Sangeeta Bhatia, in-charge, pre-primary wing Sukham, CBSE coordinator Inderpreet Kaur and coordinator, secondary wing, Satwinder Singh. Randhawa congratulated the gathering on the auspicious occasion and guided the students to always carry their religious and cultural values as they help us to become a better human being.

Apeejay school

The advent of a new day heralds a chance for renewal and opportunity. With each sunrise, there is the potential for growth, learning and positive change. To instill courage, equality, service and spirituality in students, a special assembly on Baisakhi was organised in Apeejay School on April 12 to commemorate the festival. The importance of Baisakhi lies in its multifaceted significance across cultural, religious and historical dimensions. To begin the auspicious event, the blessings of the Almighty were sought through Shabad gayan ‘Divine Harmony’, to awaken spirituality and a divine connection was struck through by the melodious voices of the performers. To add to the importance of the day, a poignant portrayal through a skit, ‘Echoes of Sacrifice’, on the Jallianwala Bagh massacre was presented on the school premises, which depicted the bravery and sacrifices of the freedom fighters. Officiating Principal Priyanka Grover congratulated the students on the occasion.

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