Modi: Dynastic corruption a major challenge for country

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, October 27

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said “dynastic corruption” is a major challenge for the country and lamented that it has become a part of political tradition in many states.

Addressing a national conference on vigilance and anti-corruption, organised by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), he said, “Corruption which goes on from one generation to another makes the country hollow like a termite.”

“Today, I am going to mention another big challenge before you. This challenge has been gradually growing in the past decades and has taken a formidable shape and form in the country. This is the challenge of dynastic corruption (bhrashtachar ka vanshwaad), that is, corruption which is carried forward by one generation after another,” the PM said.

“In the past decades it has been seen that when one generation involved in corruption escapes punishment, the next generation tends to be more brazen in committing such acts,” PM Modi noted while saying: “He sees that when nothing has happened to the one who earns crores at home, then his confidence is further enhanced.”

The PM impressed upon the fact that there was “a need to have systemic checks, effective audits, capacity building and training against corruption”. He said, “Fighting corruption is not a job of a single agency but is a collective responsibility.”

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