Water near danger mark, Sukhna Lake floodgate opened, third time this season

Chandigarh, September 21

One of the three floodgates of Sukhna Lake was today opened at 10.30 am after its water level reached near the danger mark of 1,163 ft.

Due to rain in the city and the catchment area of the lake since yesterday, the water level reached 1,162.9 ft, just 3 inches below the danger mark. It is the third time in this monsoon season when the authorities have opened the floodgate. Earlier, the gate was opened on August 9 and August 14.

One of the three floodgates of Sukhna opened to bring down the water level. Photo: Manoj Mahajan

An official of the UT Engineering Department said the floodgate was closed at 3 pm after the water level came down to 1,162.8 ft in the lake. He, however, said there was a continuous flow of water into the lake from the catchment area.

An alert was sounded in neighbouring areas and to avoid flooding downstream, the water was released in a limited quantity, he said, adding that the Mohali administration was also informed in advance about the opening of the floodgate. Officials of the department were keeping a 24-hour close watch on the situation, he said.

Two of the three floodgates had to be opened in August last year after the water level of the lake had crossed the danger mark and reached 1,163.4 ft. The gush of water led to flooding in the Baltana area in Mohali district. To avoid a repeat, the department decided to release water in limited quantity, said sources in the department.

Before this, on September 24, 2018, incessant rain in the catchment area had forced officials to open two floodgates of the lake. At that time, the gates were opened after a gap of 10 years.

After the opening of the floodgates, the Sukhna choe carries the excess water of the lake into the Ghaggar. — TNS

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