Hustle for 7-year fight finally ends in victory for Tech Mogul, Gurbaksh Chahal

Hustle for 7-year fight finally ends in victory for Tech Mogul, Gurbaksh Chahal

Tech mogul, Gurbaksh Chahal, has succeeded in crushing charges related to his domestic violence charge after a legal fight that lasted over 7 years. The conviction against him was "set aside" at the beginning of September by a San Francisco court, clearing his name after 7 years.


Chahal rose to fame as he became an internet entrepreneur at the age of 16, and later having sold his multiple businesses for hundreds of millions of dollars. He had pleaded to a no-contest misdemeanor domestic violence and domestic battery charge, sentenced to probation, and a 25-hour community service order. He was later alleged to have violated his probation but no evidentiary proof was required since it was a probation hearing. His legal troubles were particularly highlighted by yellow journalism.


The lower court agreed to expunge this conviction last month (PDF) by stating the following: The Court makes a finding and grant motion pursuant to PC 1203.4 in the interest of justice. Pursuant to the signed and filed order Guilty plea is set aside and a not guilty plea is entered. Order for Dismissal signed and filed in court.


At the age of 16, this entrepreneur established his first advertising network, which he sold to ValueClick for roughly $40 million two years later, making him a millionaire. He co-founded BlueLithium in 2004, which grew to be the fifth-largest ad network in the United States before being sold to Yahoo for $300 million. Since then, Chahal has launched several other internet-based businesses, including RadiumOne and Gravity4. He is the CEO of VendorCloud and RedLotus at the moment.

Bloomberg Businessweek named him one of the top 15 young entrepreneurs of the year in 2010 for his outstanding efforts. Chahal was also named to Complex magazine's list of the 25 richest entrepreneurs under the age of 30 in 2012. Ernst and Young named him one of the top entrepreneurs of the year in 2013. His net worth was $150 million in April 2011, according to a Men's Health Study.

With his constant hard work and dedication, he is constantly working on his skills and regain his name in the industry like before. This talented mind is once again on the rise to rule the domain with his work.


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