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Big Eyes’ NFT To Widen Your Crypto Portfolio with Sandbox and Apecoin In The List

Big Eyes’ NFT To Widen Your Crypto Portfolio with Sandbox and Apecoin In The List

In the first few months of 2023, the non-fungible token that rose with the emergence of Web 3 space began to exhibit some life. The NFT market for Ethereum has grown by 68% since its November lows. The gradual increase over the past few months will likely encourage projects and creators to reconnect to the NFT market as they seek to profit from the bullish trend.

The NFTs' core technology will be a powerful component for many diverse businesses. As products move along the supply chain, NFTs may be employed to track them, providing a verifiable record and lowering the risk of scams and forgery. NFTs in real estate will offer digital; verifiable and irreversible records of ownership. Additionally, NFTs are enabling tradeable ownership of in-game assets in the gaming industry, and in the metaverse, users will be able to purchase NFTs linked to physical objects. It is anticipated that the market for in-game NFTs will reach US$15 billion by 2027.

The most promising NFT projects for 2023 are listed below for those looking to invest in NFTs with greater potential.


Big Eyes Favorable to NFT Surge

The latest cat-themed meme coin, Big Eyes(BIG), aims to incorporate NFT use cases into its service network. The ecosystem of Big Eyes Coin produces fame and fortune for the project and the community. NFTs are a part of the long-term strategic growth of Big Eyes. Big Eyes will venture out to sea in the inaugural NFT project. These lovely pixels won't just be works of art; they'll also give you access to Big Eyes Events.

The Big Eyes Sushi Crew is a sushi club for NFT holders who enjoy having fun, owning cute things, and eating fish-related items. Cat-themed NFTs can be bought and traded by members of the NFT sushi crew to make money. They have the potential to grow over the long term as the Big Eyes coin will increase in value, evident with its presale success.

Big Eyes have already amassed $31.55 million through presale. It recently launched a loot box campaign as a part of its presale. The newest loot box vault pin leading to rewarding three Excali-Paw Master Chests is the biggest reward. The maximum reward from the box is $1 million per box, and users can purchase it for $100,000.


Sandbox - Building A Unique Experience

The Sandbox is a virtual world platform providing gamers and developers the tools to create, own, and monetize their gaming assets. The platform enables communication with people who have similar interests to your own and the purchase of goods such as NFTs, real estate, and other digital assets. Sandbox users can buy land, build, and create a setting where they can easily trade their assets. In the real estate market, users can make money by either selling or managing these properties. The Sandbox is one of the most well-known and widely used metaverse platforms, with over 8000 active users every day. NFT collectors of distinctive blue-chip projects can use their tokens as avatars in the game by using the Sandbox.

Apecoin– The Prominent NFT

Apecoin is an NFT community created by Yuga Labs. The community of Apecoin uses cryptocurrency as a utility token for all of its NFT projects. The NFT collections, the top offerings from Yuga Labs, were sold out nearly instantly after going on sale. Deals of the club collection significantly increased, with the highest set selling for $3.41. A notable 30% of the Ethereum-based NFT trading in February came from Yuga Labs NFT collections. The Apecoin community has set a new standard for NFT artifacts.



NFTs will eventually change how business is done in the future. Blockchain technology offers a transparent market where artworks, in-game assets, and avatars can be distributed as NFTs. Furthermore, the ability of NFTs to demonstrate ownership might put a permanent end to fraudulent items. Although the future of NFTs for common people is still developing, it is clear that they will be around for the years ahead.

Visit the Big Eyes website to get rewarded.






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