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Absence of rule of law

Apropos of ‘Lakhimpur Kheri’; the plight of the victims’ families is distressing. However, the age-old adage, ‘justice delayed is justice denied’, has become the new normal in India. In this case, there is a genuine concern about potential miscarriage of justice, given that the case involves the son of Ajay Mishra, Union Minister of State (Home Affairs), who wields significant influence in the area. Even promised government jobs seem to exist only on paper. In the absence of the rule of law, these families, like countless others, are destined to suffer.

Bakhshi Gurprit Singh, Jalandhar

Maharashtra hospital deaths

Refer to ‘Hospital deaths’; the fatalities at the Nanded government hospital and two government-run hospitals in Nagpur have shocked the nation. Within the span of just three days, a tragedy unfolded, leading to the demise of around 60 people in Maharashtra. This heartbreaking news has raised significant concerns regarding the state of healthcare and patient safety in the hospitals, sparking calls for a comprehensive investigation and the enhancement of healthcare services in the area. Fixing accountability is a must to ensure that such tragedies do not recur.

Shruti Jain, Ghaziabad

Neeraj Chopra’s victory

Neeraj Chopra’s victory in the Asian Games should come as no surprise, considering his impressive track record. He has secured gold medals in various prestigious competitions. What truly warmed our hearts was witnessing another talented Indian javelin thrower, Kishore Jena, put up a strong fight against Chopra. In fact, after the third round, Jena held the top position with an outstanding throw. When Chinese officials raised concerns about one of Jena’s throws, it was Chopra who displayed leadership qualities by engaging with the Chinese officials to have the throw reinstated, as it was legitimate. With yet another Indian javelin thrower, DP Manu, doing well, it’s evident that Indian athletics is making rapid strides.

Bal Govind, Noida

IAF’s push for indigenisation

Refer to ‘Contract with HAL for additional 97 Tejas jets by year-end: IAF Chief’; the IAF has initiated an ambitious programme to induct indigenously built Tejas Mk1A jets to replace the aging MiGs. While the timelines may appear lengthy, the process of building an aircraft and fitting weapon systems and avionics is time-consuming. The Tejas jets will have 60 per cent of their components built in India and 40 per cent sourced from the US. Concerns have been raised about potential complications arising from geopolitical factors, such as the India-Canada row and Canada’s close alliance with the US. In the event of the US backing out, it would be prudent for India to have contingency plans in place.

WG CDR CL Sehgal (Retd), Jalandhar

Prepare kids for setbacks

Apropos of ‘Suicides and the death of studentship’; nowhere in the world is failure as stigmatised as it is in India. This is a significant reason why many students resort to suicide when they flunk exams. Farmers facing difficulties in loan repayment often take the same step. It’s crucial to understand that failure should not mark the end of the world. This valuable lesson needs to be incorporated into our school curricula to prepare young people for the inevitable setbacks they will encounter in life. Unfortunately, the continued occurrence of suicides suggests that previous efforts to prevent them have not yielded the desired results.

Ramesh Gupta, Narwana

Don’t reduce age of consent

Refer to ‘Age of consent’; the age of consent for children under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act should be set at 18 years. In our society, consent under the age of 18 should not be permitted, regardless of the circumstances. Children and adolescents may not fully comprehend the risks associated with societal degradation. Autonomy should not be granted to them. Withholding autonomy can serve as a protective measure during this period, ensuring that adolescents get guidance and supervision to make safer choices.

Deepika, Bathinda

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