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Observe ‘silence hour’ as temporary lockdown

Do you think observing ‘silence hour’ to honour covid victims is of any use?

Observe ‘silence hour’ as temporary lockdown

Commuters out on streets during the ‘silence hour’ on Saturday in Ludhiana. Tribune photo

Residents want government to ensure people adhere to Covid protocol, focus on free vaccination camps

Strictly adhere to Covid norms

Government’s decision to pay tribute to those who succumbed to Covid-19 by observing one-hour silence every Saturday really is a noble intention but will cause undue harassment to commuters as it will adversely affect vehicular traffic. What individuals can do is observe silence for two minutes every Sunday morning and pray to the Almighty that their souls may rest in peace. The best tribute to those people would be to religiously adhere to Covid-10 norms.

Dr Sunil Chopra

Practice will cause problems to commuters

This practice will cause hardship to the general public. The practice seems forceful and no working man or woman would halt their work for an hour. Tribute can only be paid out of love, affection and respect. Time should not be fixed for such a kind and generous act. It will serve no purpose. Any type of emergency situation can arise at any time. If movement of traffic will be stalled for an hour, people who have genuine emergency work will suffer a lot. Hence, the practice should not be made compulsory.

Ritu Priya


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Silence hour will serve as temporary lockdown

The order to observe one-hour silence is not only a tribute to those who have lost their lives to Covid-19 but will also serve as a temporary lockdown as everybody will have to stay inside and there will be no vehicular movement. We need to take this exercise positively given that emergency services or movements are not hindered. But the practice cannot be forced upon anybody.

Bir Devinder Singh Bedi

Futile exercise

The order is an exercise in futility. The practice will cause problems to the traffic police. Instead the government should make that one hour curfew hour. Any type of social gathering should not be allowed in the silence hour.

JBS Nanda

Unscientific stunts

The government’s decision to observe the silence hour is not an appropriate way to pay respect to those who lost their lives to Covid-19. Instead, the government should give financial or moral assistance to the victim’s family. The government should rather educate people regarding Covid-19 testing and vaccination. It should also enforce stricter laws to keep violators in check. People seen without face mask and disobeying Covid-19 protocols should be heavily fined. The government can rather impose a lockdown on weekends to check the spread of the virus. That would be a tribute in the true sense.

Vincy Trehan

Fine those who venture out during silence hour

The appeal of Capt Amarinder Singh to observe silence hour on every Saturday will not serve any useful purpose. Rather, the hour should be observed as partial lockdown. It will help the government to keep the spread of the virus in control. During this lockdown hour, the police must be active on roads and challan culprits with fines. Such observance of partial lockdown once a week will be a true tribute to those who lost their lives to coronavirus. This lock down practice will also set an example for other states where cases are increasing.

Gautam Dev

Provide victims’ families with financial aid

Observing silence will not fulfil any purpose. If government wants to sympathise with corona victims and their families, then government must help them financially or give them jobs so that their dependents can earn. Instead of observing silence to pay tribute, government may open some hospitals or dispensaries or may provide some ventilators in their names. The other solution is that the government can call slum dwellers for free vaccination during that hour.

Mohd Saleem Farooqui

Restrict practice to short duration

The decision to observe one-hour silence on every Saturday do not seem to appeal residents as they find that the time chosen was the peak time. If a person is already out on the road, he/she cannot wait for one hour. Many commuters will face problems as they will be stuck on roads. Inter-city movement will be adversely affected. This practice should be restricted to 10 minutes and that should not be the peak time of the day.

Jasdeep Kaur

People’s patience will be tested

This strategy of Punjab government does not solve any purpose and will only test the patience of public. The government can pay tribute to those who lost their lives to Covid in other way. Increases in efficiency in health-working departments, challaning people without face masks, impose lockdowns and fasten the vaccination process.

Miyush Trehan

Provide free vaccination to victims’ family instead

The order of the government to observe one-hour silence on every Saturday is not a rational decision. This is creating a big problem for daily commuters and residents as well. The real tribute to those who have lost their lives to the virus is to give free vaccination to their family members along with some financial help.

Farzana Khan

Practice will curb virus spread

The silence hour will prove to be useful for the general public as it will prevent the spread of coronavirus and curb social gatherings. Since maximum people are out during the day, transmission rate of the virus is higher. Residents also should adhere to pandemic protocols and ensure that others are taking preventive measures as well.

Amarpreet Kaur

Hour will create problems for commuters

The order to observe silence hour seems pointless as it is not the proper way to remember people who lost their lives to coronavirus. It will only result in great dismay, leaving commuters in lurch. Instead of observing silence, the victims’ families should be compensated financially.

Kamaldeep Kaur

Change time of the silence hour

Lockdown has already affected many businesses, creating a great difficulty for people. Further lockdown of one hour on every Saturday will harm businesses more. The time of the silence should be changed when the movement of the people on the roads is less.

Harleen kaur

Allow people to pray at their convenience

Paying tribute to those who lost their lives to Covid-19 is a praiseworthy step but the time chosen is not the appropriate time. It needs to be reconsidered as it is a peak hour during the weekends. It will be a hassle for commuters to stay on the road for an hour. The government should also allow people to pray at their own convenience.

Sangeeta Jain

Implement stricter Covid protocol

Observing silence hour is not the right way to pay tribute. The government needs to be more practical in their approach. It should make sure that people are getting vaccinated, aware people about the benefits of vaccination, implement stricter social-distancing norms and fine people without face masks.

Simarjot Kaur

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