Vaccine for all, lockdown key to curbing spread

Convert school buildings into hospitals; stay home; don’t fall for rumours; follow Covid norms

Vaccine for all, lockdown key to curbing spread

Curfew should be strictly imposed in containment zones and non-essential shops should remain closed in the city. Tribune photo

OPEN HOUSE: What needs to be done to contain the spread of Covid-19 in second wave

During the pandemic, it is the responsibility of every individual to check false information either through the social media or by making phone calls to others. Also, medical assistance is necessary for Covid patients. Therefore, the administration and volunteers should come forward to provide drugs at minimal cost.

Deepi Kaur

Impose Section 144 in crowded areas

To contain the spread of coronavirus, the government has to take some strict actions. The whole city must be divided into wards. In each ward, one nodal officer must be appointed to check the undesired movement of people. He must challan those who disobey the rules. Section 144 may be implemented in highly risky and crowded areas. Officials must visit door to door, along with their team, to trace and identify patients with symptoms and take them for testing. Those who are fine must be given vaccination street or zone wise. The flow of traffic must be rationed.

Dr Mohd Saleem Farooqui

Follow norms

The second Covid wave is deadlier than the first one. We can only curb the problem by following appropriate norms. Wear mask regularly, maintain hygiene and use sanitiser are the three main mantras. Focus must be on sound immunity system. Ensure good quality diet. Go for testing if symptoms arise. The elderly people and children must be given importance. Doctors and hospital authorities should discharge their functions properly without engaging themselves in any types of malpractices. Focus must be shifted on positivity rather than negativity.

Ritu Priya

Fix residents’ responsibility for each street

We are in a very sad situation. The government must make it mandatory to get vaccinated and must deal strictly with those not obeying norms. People must not come out of their homes until and unless an emergency. We can break the Covid chain by wearing masks, keeping social distance and washing hands. In each street, one person must have the responsibility to report to the local government about the condition and situation of the street so that quick action may be taken. Each hospital must be equipped with oxygen gas and ventilators to support patients. We all must cooperate to save the lives of others and our own.

Farzana Khan

Observe guidelines in letter and in spirit

The phenomenal rise in the Covid cases has been alarming. The way the positive case of the dreadful disease increased in the past few days has only indicated that if we do not check this, it will result in a very sordid situation for the existence of humanity. If the grim situation continues, it may prove true the Malthus theory of population. According to the theory, natural calamities such as cyclone, earthquake and diseases happen to create a balance in the population. To eradicate this life-taking disease, we need determination and observe guidelines in letter and in spirit. The safety rules are very simple and cheap and easy to observe. We must use a mask to cover our mouth and nose, maintain distance and wash our hands frequently.

JBS Nanda

Need for self-discipline

Health systems in our country have crash landed in many states, whereas they are on the verge of collapse in the remaining. In such a grave situation, there is little hope from the system. The public will have to develop a habit of self-discipline to contain the virus. They must follow the Covid-19 appropriate behaviour and unnecessary gatherings and travel should be avoided.

Bir Devinder Singh Bedi

Impose curfew

The situation is indeed very alarming and the most shameful thing is that people are still violating the Covid guidelines. To check the spread of the virus, the administrators and the cops must give exemplary punishment to the violators. Curfew should be strictly imposed in containment zones. Crowding should not be allowed anywhere and Vaccination drives should also be held only in spacious and well-ventilated buildings.

Dr Sunil Chopra

Door-to-door vaccination

To contain the spread of Covid, whole population needs to get vaccinated. Now that the government has opened the vaccination for all over 18 years of age, no person should be left without vaccination. People must realise that it is in their own interest for keeping fit, for the continuity of the family and thereby, the nation as a whole. If needed, this vaccination process may be taken up even door to door on the lines of polio vaccination being successfully practiced for the children in the country. Also, all must strictly follow the safety measures. To continuously ensure that everyone obeys the curfew, awareness programmes may be continued on a mass scale in all areas of the city. To ensure that all these guidelines are followed by people, the assistance of the local police must be continuously used and the culprits punished.

Gautam Dev

Stay home

The second wave has hit India like a tsunami. People are suffering and mortality is increasing. The shortage of resources such as oxygen and unavailability of hospital beds is everywhere. But, we can break the chain of corona virus with small steps. We have to follow the guidelines such as wearing masks, social distancing and through hand hygiene. Staying at home is the key to fighting the virus.

Karman Sharma

Have faith in govt

There is a need for applying new rules such as odd-even rule for vehicles. We may ensure extensive testing, effective contact tracing and strict enforcement of quarantine , with no need for a full lockdown. Then, we can follow the “herd immunity strategy”. We may strictly close the borders of Ludhiana for two weeks. Lastly, we must show faith in government.

Jasmeen Kaur

Be cautious

Ludhiana’s most of the areas are considered containment zones so the listed precautions must be taken to stop the spread of the disease. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser that contains at least 60 per cent alcohol if soap and water are not available. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. Other guidelines must be strictly followed.

Bani Kaur

Lack of faith in policies

Authorities need to provide vaccination for free to those who cannot afford it. It is a matter of concern that even those vaccinated are contracting infection. People must be educated on boons and benefits of the vaccine. A major reason why most of the people are not getting vaccinated is lack of faith in the government policies. There is a dire need for people to understand that by not getting vaccinated, there putting their own lives in danger.

Preeti Kansal

Get tested at the earliest

At this point, the spread of Covid-19 is increasing by the day. So, we need to take proper precautions for the same. To reduce the spread, the government should test people by moving to their houses, people should also take steps and should go to hospitals and get tested.

Harshita Khullar

Strict norms needed

The pandemic has not yet ended and the second wave is even more infectious and deadly. Ludhiana is re-merging as the hotspot for virus. Now, the only solution to the problem is to imposing strict rules and curfew. Everyone should wear a mask and follow all precautions. The government may set up more liquid oxygen converting plants to maintain proper supply of O2 and should convert all large school buildings to hospitals for patients.

Navjot Singh

Take care of yourself

Panic pertaining to the pandemic is on such heights that authorities have become helpless in controlling the circumstances. Nothing more can be done than just being responsible yourself. During this period, it will be highly appreciated if individuals take care of themselves.

Srishti Bharti

Don’t give in to rumours

It is the need of the hour to curb the devastating effects of Covid-19. People should not blindly follow the rumours and be aware and follow the instructions carefully.


Night curfew

Night curfew should be imposed until the vaccination process is going on. Vaccination must be made compulsory for all the adults. Moreover, people should continue following the guidelines strictly until everything is normal.

Amarpreet Kaur

Impose lockdown

The Ludhiana administration should impose a complete lockdown of seven days in the city to break the chain of second wave of this deadly virus. Inter-city and intra-city trade should be abolished. Only essential goods and medical shops should be allowed to open. During the lockdown, the administration should provide free meals to the poor through various intermediates. Arrangements for vaccination should be efficiently proceeded with.

Miyush Trehan

Weekend lockdown useless

The imposition of the lockdown on weekends seems useless. People have started playing cricket and walking on roads. Lockdown actually means to stay at home away from each other. We should educate people about the reality of Covid. We must all wear a mask at homes too.

Simarjot Kaur

Wear quality masks

It is high time we all stayed at home to break the chain. We need to wear good quality masks, use sanitisers, get vaccinated, do yoga and exercises. Make a plan if you get sick as planning helps to us to avoid panic. People should avoid social gatherings and step out of the homes for only very important works. Self-awareness and a voluntary lockdown will help us to get through this pandemic.



The existing health infrastructure is almost pushed to the brink and hospitals are running out of beds with oxygen supplies running short and essential medicines being sold in black. Even ambulances not available to ferry the dead and many dying before even they get a chance to consult a doctor. This is the tale of widespread devastation being rapidly caused by the deadly coronavirus. Deputy Commissioner Varinder Kumar Sharma has advised residents to remain indoors and venture out only in cases of genunine needs for at least 14 days to help curb the spread of the virus. How many of you are following this advice or what else needs to be done to conquer the second Covid wave? Suggestions in not more than 70 words can be sent to

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