Grooming his garden is a meditative exercise for this artist

Grooming his garden is a meditative exercise for this artist

Arvinder Chamak has created a simple yet aesthetic garden. Vishal kumar

Tribune News Service

Amritsar, October 19

Being an artist, Arvinder Chamak has always appreciated simple things in life. His garden too is an example that simplicity can be creative and therapeutic. Adorning his garden are two stone sculptures that serve an aesthetic purpose and reflect upon his attention to details. “A senior artist from Amritsar, OP Verma made the love bird sculpture that has been carved out of a single sheet of stone. Another sculpture in stone has been made by an artist from Orissa. These stone sculptures represent the element of earth in my garden,” said Arvinder Chamak.

A poet and a writer, Chamak spends an hour everyday in morning and in the evening in his garden that he has groomed himself. His garden has a small section where he grows micro greens including mint, tulsi and mixed herbs. In another segment, he has created a small kitchen garden where he grows vegetables such as lady finger, egg plants, gourd and other seasonal produce. “The vegetables from our garden are also a favorite pick for many of our friends. My garden is a therapeutic space for me as I relieve my stress by grooming and weeding, sometimes meditating in nature’s abundance.” He has also planted native species of flowering plants along with some medicinal herbs. “My favorite activity of the day is when I spend a few hours in the evening with my family, including my daughter and my wife, listening to music.” said Chamak.

Chamak uses organic manure using his kitchen waste via composting for his garden. He personally tends to all his plants and has been growing a few species of native trees as well. He is assisted by his daughter who shares his passion for the greens. “These plants are a big stress buster and I am happy that my daughter is taking over in nurturing our garden adding to its aesthetics as well as botanical upkeep.”

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