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What’s Driving PLC Ultima’s Meteoric Growth?

What’s Driving PLC Ultima’s Meteoric Growth?

What’s Driving PLC Ultima’s Meteoric Growth?

 When it launched back in December 2021, the PLCU coin was valued at $0.10. Today, it’s valued at a staggering $100,000 and shows no sign of stopping there, already hitting the $116,000 mark recently. PLC Ultima already boasts a community of more than one million across 120 countries across the globe. For a coin to achieve this type of following and valuation at such an early stage means the team at PLCU is doing something the others aren’t. So, what’s driving PLCU’s success?


Alien technology?

First, let’s consider the technology behind the coin. Has the team created some innovative new blockchain code that makes PLCU superior in some way? The answer is no. PLCU’s blockchain is based on the Litecoin blockchain, open-source software that’s a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, which has been around since 2011.


However, this tried and tested blockchain provides PLCU with dependable network stability, is entirely transparent and processes transactions at near light speed. Therefore, this blockchain was a wise choice by the company’s founders, and PLC Ultima’s developers have since extended its functionality and increased the scope of its application.


The minting factor?

This is one of the essential factors the community at PLC Ultima says attracted them to the project. Unlike mining, minting doesn’t mean users need access to a warehouse filled with computer processors or be majority shareholders in a nuclear power station to supply all that electricity. All PLCU users need to mint new coins is a smartphone, download the company’s ”Ultimate Farm” and “Ultima Wallet” apps, and be good to go.

PLC Ultima created its unique minting process, which is transparent and easy to use, and once users purchase the company’s “Ultima Minter” digital certificate, they can start earning immediately. A smart contract between the user and the company is concluded to freeze an agreed amount of the user’s coins inside their wallet simply by installing the Ultima Farm app. 


The Ultima Farm is an innovative product created to facilitate the minting process. This process is entirely transparent, and details of the smart contract are available in the blockchain for anyone to see. After the agreed time has passed, new coins are generated, and the user is rewarded automatically.


PLC Ultima has created a fundamentally different way of new coin creation than mining. It’s greener, simpler, and doesn’t require investment in expensive hardware or result in frightening energy bills for users. With recent world events resulting in those bills skyrocketing, minting certainly seems like a much more attractive option.


The product range?

When it comes to offering products that users want a coin to provide, PLCU delivers in spades. Alongside the Ultima Minter, Ultima Wallet and Ultima Farm, the company is constantly adding to its product range to make the community’s lives easier and better.

PLC Ultima’s vision is to be a mass-market cryptocurrency with the world’s most extensive user base. The idea is for PLCU to be used by every person and every business for their daily shopping or commercial transactions. Based on this simple idea, the company’s developers have created a range of unique products to meet these needs.


PLC Card

The PLC Card is a physical debit card that users can present online, at the supermarket, gas station, restaurant or anywhere else with an electronic payment terminal. In addition, the card offers a comprehensive dashboard featuring all major fiat currencies and a dedicated section for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, USDT and, of course, PLCU coin. This product alone makes PLC Ultima a leader within the crypto space.


Platin Hero

Platin Hero allows users to explore, share ideas, and support projects without taking risks. This is a crowdfunding platform that enables the community to launch their projects and also support others. Every process within Platin Hero is stored in smart contracts on the company’s blockchain, and funds are stored in a secure digital wallet. Once a project becomes successful, the minting process is approved and begins. This is another practical yet straightforward idea that helps the community grow.


Community is king at PLC Ultima

The company’s ethos is a major contributing factor to the coin’s growth. At PLC Ultima, it’s all about benefiting the community and members, earning as much as possible. This way of thinking attracts new users to the project, and as a result, the community continues to grow. The company has introduced many processes and actions to make its intent clear.


For example, the production of new PLCU coins is decreased each month, and approximately 30% of coins are held inside secure wallets – therefore cannot be involved in farming. And more than 50% of coins are frozen for an entire year. The company also burns 1% of every transaction that’s processed, and the company burns 100% of its coins to guarantee it does not compete with the community for liquidity.


All of the above?

All in all, there seems to be no overriding factor that explains the dramatic rise of the PLCU coin. Perhaps some people join the community for one specific reason and then discover others once they’ve joined. Who knows? With so many products available, PLCU offers something for everyone, and maybe it’s all of these factors combined that make PLCU s

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