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Military traditions

Apropos of ‘Colonial burden’, the editorial seems to follow the government line on the issue of colonial military traditions which are a testimonial to our glorious victories. Of late, the government, as a matter of routine, is changing the names of cities, railway stations, airports and even roads, in the name of weeding out traces of our colonial past. Now, the MoD has been asked to review not only military traditions, but also uniform and names of regiments that are a non-issue as far as the military’s functional capabilities are concerned. The names of fighting units like Sikhs, Rajputs and Marathas instil pride among the troops. Identity is an important factor in cohesiveness and the fighting spirit of the troops. As far as uniform is concerned, it was introduced keeping in view personal ease and requirement of the prevailing weather conditions in the country. The government is trying to divert the nation’s attention from the real and significant issues.


Communal tension

Refer to ‘Leicester violence’; the unrest which erupted was the culmination of several weeks of growing tension between Hindu and Muslim communities in the English city. The authorities are now trying to find out whether the recent cricket match between India and Pakistan in Dubai inflamed existing tensions or served as an opportunity for outside elements to stoke a fire. Going by the wave of communal riots fast tearing apart an otherwise peaceful hotpot of cultures, Leicester, anything is possible when rioters run amok. Community Hindu, Muslim and Sikh leaders need to work together to prevent the poison of communalism from further infecting the diaspora.

Gregory Fernandes, Mumbai

Governor’s snub

Reference to ‘Guv withdraws assent for special Assembly session’, the decision of the Governor, though debatable, is a timely snub to the AAP government which was apparently indulging in theatrics over the alleged issue of poaching attempt with regard to its MLAs in Punjab. The tug of war is not amiss between the BJP and the AAP in view of the coming Assembly elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. The allegations demand due investigation and legal action, and not calling of a special Assembly session. The AAP government should have confidence in the ideological integrity of its legislators and concentrate on fulfilling its promises to the people of Punjab. The government needs to act and react responsibly by remaining on the right side of the Constitution and avoid courting unnecessary confrontation with the Governor.


Needless exercise

Refer to ‘Guv withdraws assent for special Assembly session’; it is a step in the right direction. Kudos to the Governor for breaking the myth that a Governor is a rubber stamp and simply follows Cabinet decisions. The special session can only be summoned under special circumstances concerning people’s interests. Neither an opposition party nor the Governor has asked for a floor test. With 92 MLAs in tow, there is no justification in calling for a special session to prove majority in a House of 117 MLAs. The august House is not the right place to fight political wars. The Governor has maintained the constitutional dignity and saved taxpayers’ money. It would have been a needless exercise.

Anil vinayak, Amritsar

Legacy of laughter

Reference to the obit ‘Gajodhar bhaiya leaves the legacy of laughter’; Raju Srivastava’s success in Mumbai’s mayanagari was not only a common man’s success, but also the quintessential humour of the vernacular. The imagination and ability to bring life to the mundane and inanimate things in a comedy made him stand out. His style was remarkable and his comedy was based on the life of the common man.

Sikandar Bansal, Shimla

Family entertainer

The demise of celebrated mimicry artiste Raju Srivastava has left millions of his admirers heartbroken. Known for his clean comedy, Raju was a family entertainer for almost three decades. Unlike present-day comedians, he never used double-meaning words/dialogues. His acts were mostly based on real-life situations and were enjoyed by one and all, irrespective of the age group. They delivered a message of positivity. The void created by his death in the world of entertainment is too huge to be filled. His style was unique and inimitable. He will be missed by his fans.

NK Gosain, Bathinda

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