Play highlights rich-poor divide

Bhukkh Agg Hai staged by Dastak Group at art gallery

Play highlights rich-poor divide

Class act: Artistes stage a play titled Bhukkh Agg Hai at Art Gallery in Amritsar. Tribune photo

Amritsar, December 3

Dastak Theatre on Friday, in collaboration with the IAFA presented a play — Bhukkh Agg Hai — at Art Gallery. The act revolved around a girl, who is asked to write an essay on hunger by her teacher. Belonging to an elite family, she has no idea what hunger actually means. The story sensitively portrays the gap between elite class and the poor.

The play written by Krishna Baldev Vaid, was directed by Rajender Singh, who also acted in it. Singh said, “The story shows the gap between those belonging to the affluent class and the poor and the under-privileged class. The meaning of hunger, sleeping on a hungry stomach will never be felt by those, who can afford to spend on lavish meals. The play will make people think about the latter. The treatment of the play is not serious though, it has message wrapped in some humour.”

Amita Sharma, associate director on the play, said the play was a satire. It’s about the two classes that our society is divided into — the ones who can afford to buy at fancy eating joints and waste the food and the others who cannot afford even two square meals a day. The play has been one of the most critically acclaimed plays of hindi, but we performed it in Punjabi with minor variations of our own,” said Amita. — TNS

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