Eye on social media to ensure poll code is followed: Bhiwani DC : The Tribune India

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Eye on social media to ensure poll code is followed: Bhiwani DC

Eye on social media to ensure poll code is followed: Bhiwani DC

Tribune News Service

Bhiwani, April 18

The Bhiwani Deputy Commissioner-cum-District Election Officer, Naresh Narwal, said there would be special monitoring of social media to ensure the compliance of the model code of conduct for the Lok Sabha poll. He said the expense of publicity on social media would be added to the account of the candidate and party concerned.

The DC said no candidate or party could campaign with misleading election material and strict action would be taken against those who violated the model code of conduct on social media.

In a statement here today, the DC said the district administration had geared up for conducting the election in a transparent and fair manner. “As per the instructions of the Election Commission of India, social media is being monitored closely by various teams, including the cyber cell. The cost of advertisements broadcast on social media will also be added to the account of the candidate or party concerned. During the period when the code of conduct is in place, no candidate or party can directly or indirectly broadcast misleading election material,” he said.

Narwal said various teams had been formed to ensure compliance of the code of conduct and these were also keeping a close watch on social media like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp groups etc. He said Haryana Chief Electoral Officer Anurag Aggarwal had clarified through video conferencing that monitoring of social media was also very important during the elections. “During the elections, the candidates and parties campaign on social media such as YouTube video platforms etc. If the monitoring team finds such videos which unilaterally claim or support the victory of any candidate or political party or are in favour of a particular caste, religion or show any misleading material, which violates the model code of conduct, then in such a situation, action will be taken against the YouTube channel operator concerned under the IT Act,” he said.

Similarly, the newspapers, television, radio media platforms are also under observation by the media certification and monitoring committee (MCMC) set up by the district administration. “Before publishing any advertisement on a newspaper or channel, it is necessary to take permission through the MCMC,” he said.

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