‘If there is no tampering with EVMs, BJP will not go beyond 180 seats’: Priyanka Gandhi : The Tribune India

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‘If there is no tampering with EVMs, BJP will not go beyond 180 seats’: Priyanka Gandhi

‘If there is no tampering with EVMs, BJP will not go beyond 180 seats’: Priyanka Gandhi

Saharanpur, April 17

Ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Congress' General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi campaigned in Uttar Pradesh’ s Saharanpur and said that if the country conducts fair elections without any tampering of EVMs, then the Bhartiya Janata Party will not secure more than 180 seats.

Speaking to ANI, the Congress leader questioned the basis of BJP's claim of securing more than 400 seats. She said, "On what basis are they saying that they will get 400, are they astrologers? Either they have done something from before and they know that they will secure more than 400 seats. Otherwise, how can they say that they will get 400 seats?... If today in this country, the elections are conducted in such a way in which there... is no tampering of EVMs, then I can say with full confidence that they will not gain more than 180 seats, in fact, they will win less than 180 seats.

Priyanka Gandhi also said that she views the election from the people's point of view and stressed that the elections should be conducted based on the issues of the people.

"I am saying this everywhere to the people, that this election should be the election of the people. It should be conducted on the issues of the people."

Attacking PM Narendra Modi and BJP leaders, Priyanka alleged that the BJP is not talking about unemployment, and inflation. "They are not talking about the issues of unemployment and inflation. They are not talking about the real issues faced by farmers and the women. All the conversations are happening only to divert the people's mind." Claiming that people want change, the Congress leader said that people have not seen any development in their lives for the past 10 years and PM Modi has got disconnected with the people.

"People want change. They don't want this type of politics... In the past 10 years, there has not been any development in the life of any common man, or woman... They are not getting jobs, inflation is not coming down... It's the time of festivals. Today is Ram Navami. People don't have money to buy anything...He doesn't talk about unemployment and inflation. I feel the people around him are not telling him about this... He is disconnected from people," she said.

Expressing her views on the electoral bond scheme, Priyanka Gandhi questioned PM Modi for calling it a transparent system.

"Yesterday, he (PM Modi) said that because of the electoral bond system, the whole system has turned transparent... Now, the Supreme Court is saying to bring out the lists of donors and make it transparent... After the list was unveiled, we got to know that the company who is working for Rs 180 crore is donating Rs 1100... the ones who were raided gave you a donation and now the case has been closed. Then how is this fight against corruption? Nobody is more corrupt than them. They made the system of corruption and now when they are caught, they are saying it is a transparent list," Priyanka Gandhi said.

Taking to her official X handle, the Congress' general secretary tweeted, "I am overwhelmed by the love of the people of Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. This enthusiasm, this zeal and this passion is a sign of the coming change. People who are disappointed with unemployment and inflation are now beginning to see hope for change. This enthusiasm is a reflection of that hope. The departure of BJP, which has done injustice to the people, is certain. India will unite, India will win."

Saharanpur goes to the polls in Phase 1 on April 19 with Congress' Imran Masood up against incumbent BJP MP Raghav Lakhanpal and Majid Ali of the BSP. The results of the Lok Sabha elections will be declared on June 4.

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