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Case doubling slowest in Himachal

Haryana, Ladakh, Punjab, J&K too perform better than national average of 11 days ; No salary cut for Gujarat Govt employees | HUL follows suit, but not sure about future

Case doubling slowest in Himachal

Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service
New Delhi, April 30

Himachal Pradesh has emerged as the best Indian state in delaying the doubling of Covid-19 cases. As against the national case doubling rate of 11 days, Himachal’s disease graph over the past week shows cases in the state would take 191.6 days to double.

That’s the best case doubling rate projection for any state in the country so far with Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Assam following Himachal closely with doubling rates of 89.7 days, 70.8 days and 59 days, respectively.

Other northern states and UTs are also doing well on this indicator. Haryana and Ladakh are among the five states and UTs where cases are doubling between 20 and 40 days. Others are Kerala, Uttarakhand and Karnataka.

Punjab, J&K and Delhi have a case doubling rate ranging between 11 and 20 days, still better than the national average of 11 days.

Punjab’s Covid cases are doubling every 19.5 days as against Haryana’s 24.4 days. J&K’s case doubling rate is 12.2 days and Delhi’s stands at 11.3 days.

The analysis came as Covid cases today soared to 33,610, posting the highest 24-hour spike with 1,823 cases. The death toll today rose to 1,074 with an addition of 67 over a day. The recovery rate continued to improve, going beyond 25 per cent as 83,72 persons stood cured and discharged.


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