PM has ceded land to China, says Rahul

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New Delhi, February 12

A day after Defence Minister Rajnath Singh told Parliament that India had not lost any territory in the LAC standoff, the Congress on Friday alleged that the Indian territory between Finger 3 and 4 had been ceded to the neighbour. The government refuted the claim through a Defence Ministry statement again.

MoD refutes Cong allegations

Rahul Gandhi’s posers

  • Why has PM given up area between Finger 3 and 4?
  • Why have the Indian troops been asked to vacate Kailash heights?
  • Why hasn’t China withdrawn from Depsang and Gogra?

Govt’s response

  • LAC, as per Indian perception, is at Finger 8, not Finger 4
  • India hasn’t ceded any territory as a result of the LAC agreement
  • To be taken up within 48 hours of Pangong pullback

Disengagement pact: India must ensure that Chinese pullback is not a sham

At a press conference at AICC headquarters, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused the government of compromising the original Indian demand of restoration of status quo ante as part of the negotiations with China.

“There are some things that need to be made crystal clear. The government position at the beginning of the LAC standoff was restoration of status quo ante as of April 2020. Now, sheepishly, the Defence Minister makes a statement and we find that the Indian troops are going to be stationed at Finger 3. Indian territory was till Finger 4. Why has the PM ceded the land between Finger 3 and 4 to the Chinese?” Rahul asked, accusing the PM of cowardice and not standing up to China.

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