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Dance is my first love, says Aishwarya Sharma

Dance is my first love, says Aishwarya Sharma

Define Pakhi of GHKP.

She is a mature girl, a blogger and a photographer. She loves to travel. She is a lot similar to Rekha ji’s character in Silsila.

What attracted you about Pakhi.

Her overall look. Her costume, jewellery, everything. I always wanted to wear the kind of clothes that Pakhi wears. So, I am very grateful to my creative director for this.

When did you realise that you wanted to pursue acting?

I don’t remember exactly when I realised that I wanted to be an actor but I used to do mimicry in my school and college days. I used to read celebrity interviews and I wanted to be one of them. After engineering, I just happened to tell my father about my interest and he told me that I should get into acting.

Tell us about your first break.

My first break was an appearance in Code Red on Colors. After that I did Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman and started with character roles.

Any dream role that you would love to do?

I want to play the role of Danto from Tanu Weds Manu Returns, which Kangana Ranaut played. A tomboyish character. Also I want to play a psychopath.

You are a trained dancer. Tell us more.

I have done Visharad in Kathak, a six-year-course from Khairagarh University, Chhattisgarh. Dance for me is freedom of expression. It clears my mind. I can dance anywhere. Whenever I hear beats, my body just starts swaying. It is my first love and will always be. 

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