Pollywood stars have devised interesting schedules to keep themselves happy & healthy

Pollywood stars have devised interesting schedules to keep themselves happy & healthy

Gurnaaz Kaur

Stay home, stay safe is the way to fight this pandemic. While some can rely on work from home, actors don’t really have that option. Otherwise used to spending long hours in shoots and picking up different activities to match their new roles, Pollywood stars are now confined to the four walls of their homes. So, what is it that they do to keep themselves occupied? How do they creatively satisfy themselves? Here’s what they have to say:

Time management

Jobanpreet Singh

Work has come to a halt but there’s still a lot of work that I am doing in this time. I am among those people who start their day really early. I start at 5 am, do some meditation, then spend two to three hours at my home gym. After that, I prepare my breakfast and sit down for at least three hours of uninterrupted work. I am writing a web series and a movie. In the evening, again I work out for two hours. By 9:30-10 pm, I hit the bed. This routine helps me keep my mind and body fit.

Taking a break

Simi Chahal

Thankfully, in this lockdown I am in India with my mother. Last year, I was in Canada and I was worried for everyone here. In between, when work resumed, we finished two films that are in post-production now, so there’s this sense of accomplishment. It feels more like a break after good work. Reading, watching cinema in different languages, observing every character that has been critically appreciated, these are things I keep myself busy with. I’ve started work on two more films.

Looking forward

Binnu Dhillon

These days health has become the biggest priority. All the more so because we are stuck at home, no gyms are open, physical activity is limited, so I along with my family do a lot of exercise at home. In the remaining time, I dedicate myself to movies and music. Then we do conference calls. There’s the script writer, the director, and other technical crew, we work on how to polish our stories. I can assure you that our future projects will depict that difference. The detailing will be visible to everyone. Now, I am simply waiting for the lockdown to be lifted. Such big industries have crumbled down, ours had just begun to gain ground. I hope we are able to start from where we left.

Still working…

Dev Kharoud

In this stressful environment, it’s not easy to keep your mind sane. I can’t wait to be back at work. We were shooting Bai Ji Kuttange when this lockdown was imposed, and that had to be stopped. But in my opinion, every actor is like a fauji. Even when he is not in the field, he is still working. Inder Paul and I are planning new content, especially a sequel of Blackia 2. Apart from that, I work out morning and evening, and find ways to keep my immunity high.

Embracing domesticity

Drishti Grewal

I recently got married, so these three weeks have been a honeymoon period for me. I am spending time with my in-laws and my husband. Alongside, I have started my YouTube channel and I make sure to vlog at least thrice a week. I capture little things from life and try to deliver some message with it. My idea is to spread positivity to my viewers.

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