Correction of wrongly registered name in CA inter exam

Correction of wrongly registered name in CA inter exam

Pervin Malhotra  

Q.I have cleared my CA inter exam. Can you please tell me how I can get my name changed in marksheets/certificates there was a spelling mistake in my surname which I did not bother to correct all this while? Is it too late? — Geetanjali Rao

A.Not really. What you need to do immediately is to access your student card and note the details. In case your name in the record is wrong or misspelt, send a hand-written application citing the mistake enclosing a photocopy (attested by a CA OR a Gazetted officer) of your Class X marksheet to the ICAI regional office (by speed-post). Also mail a scanned copy of this document to the regional office to inform them about the correction/change in details.

After you’ve done that, send:

  • A hand-written application requesting them to re-issue the marksheets and certificate with correct name specifying the correspondence address where you wish to get them delivered.
  • Attested photocopy (attested by a CA or a gazetted officer) of the class X marksheet or passing certificate
  • Original copies of your CA Intermediate mark-sheets and certificate issued bearing the wrong name (Please keep photocopies of the mark-sheets for follow up/future reference)
  • Send these documents to the exam branch (by speed-post) addressing: The Joint Director, Exams, PO Box No.7112, ‘ICAI BHAWAN’, Indraprastha Marg New Delhi – 110002.

Caring for public health

Q.After doing BSc Optometrics, I’m now thinking of doing my PG in public health. Is it a good idea? — Akriti Yadav

A.Currently in India, Masters in Public Health (MPH) programmes are offered in two different modes — the general MPH programs will equip you with core public health competencies and the specialised MPH programmes will offer you optional tracts or specialisation. When it comes to employment, there are various opportunities for MPH graduates in academia as well as in our healthcare system at various levels. These opportunities are available within the public or government sector, private health sector, NGOs and international organisations. The level and type of position will of course, depend upon the organisation, its mandate and projects. However, since India has a huge network of NGOs working across diverse fields and wide geographic areas, MPH graduates have immense opportunities in these sectors. Relevant and competency-based public health education will equip you with relevant core competency for a satisfying and meaningful career in this field.

Fired up

Q.I have been very keen to become a fire fighter since childhood, but I have to persuade my parents to do the same. What all should I know to be in a position to convince them? — Sameer Randhawa

A.It’s great to see the fire in your belly! Besides being one of the most challenging professions that require carefulness and commitment, fire-fighting uses the principles of engineering and science to avoid fires while defending people from risky scenarios. The progress in this sector is growing with numerous people now getting conscious of their safety. Entry-level fire-fighters get a few months of exercise at fire academies run by the fire department or the state. Through classroom teaching and hands-on training, recruits study fire-fighting techniques, fire-prevention methods and emergency medical techniques. Besides opting for government or private divisions, fire-fighters can also get engaged in other businesses, such as chemical or combustible products manufacturing companies in petro-

leum refineries, textiles, fertilizers, etc. Some Indian institutes that offer courses in

firefighting are:

  • Council of Education & Development Programmes Skill Institute, Mumbai
  • nstitute of Fire & Safety Management (IFSM, Dehradun)
  • National Academy of Fire & Safety Engineering (NAFS, Nagpur)
  • National Institute of Fire Engineering & Safety Management (NIFESM, Jaipur)
  • Fire safety Management is a well-paying career — both in India and abroad.

Prospect in home science after school

Q.I have home science as one of my subjects in school and I find it very practical and interesting. Does it make sense to pursue it at the Bachelor’s level? What kind of jobs will be open to me? — Keerti Upreti

A.Why not! Gone are the days when Home Science was considered a girls-only ‘soft option’. Modern-day careers in Home Science extend across sectors. Which means you could be working as a consultant/nutritionist in food sector, food technologist and scientist in food industries, Biochemist and microbiologist in medical laboratories and industries, Psychologist or Counsellor in healthcare organisations, rural development, community health and hygiene, and community resources management, marriage and family counsellor, Apparel merchandiser, interior designer, entrepreneurs in the field of textiles, food, baking and confectionary, teaching and Research.

If you’re a ‘people’ person and enjoy sales and marketing you can specialize in promoting food, healthcare and wellness products. You could even specialise in Dietetics or Food and Nutrition, or opt for working at child-care centres or old-age homes.

To let your creative juices flow, you may explore the fields of fashion, textile, accessory or interior design. Similarly, if you have flair for management and supervision the hotel industry also offers opportunities in house-keeping departments at resorts, hotels, spas, restaurants and in the growing field of facilities management. And if you’re entrepreneurially inclined, you could even set up your own bakery or organic food outlet or service.

And if, you’re academically inclined, you can always take up a teaching role or research work. So all said and done, and regardless of its somewhat misleading nomenclature, Home Science offers a plethora of varied and interesting career options.

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