Taliban stop women from visiting national park : The Tribune India

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Taliban stop women from visiting national park

Taliban stop women from visiting national park

Revellers during the Notting Hill Carnival in London, UK.

Islamabad: The Taliban will use security forces to stop women from visiting one of Afghanistan’s most popular national parks, according to a spokesman for the Vice and Virtue Ministry. The ministry alleged women were not wearing hijab, or Islamic headscarf, in a proper way when going to Band-e-Amir in the central Bamiyan province. “Going sightseeing is not a must for women,” the ministry had said a week ago. Agencies

600 firefighters struggle to control Greece blaze

Athens: More than 600 firefighters, including reinforcements from several European countries and backed by a fleet of water-dropping planes and helicopters, were battling three major wildfires in Greece on Sunday, two of which have been raging for days. A massive blaze in Evros and Alexandroupolis is believed to have caused 20 of the 21 wildfire-related deaths in the past week in Greece. Agencies

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