Lahore, Friday, April 18, 1919


YESTERDAY we published the text of a resolution which the Government of India have issued in the Home Department on the present political situation. That situation is undoubtedly grave in certain parts of the country — nowhere graver than in our own Province, where the Government have, in the exercise of their statutory powers, not only extended the provisions of the Seditious Meetings Act to the districts of Lahore, Amritsar and Gujranwala, but also have felt it their duty to take the unprecedented step of proclaiming Martial Law in the same districts. The circumstances under which these measures have been taken are stated in the resolution, and the public is warned that a repetition of the same circumstances elsewhere would be visited with the same penalty. We can only hope that it will not be necessary to give effect to this warning, and that not only will peace continue to prevail in parts where it has not been disturbed, but that even where it has been disturbed, normalcy will return speedily.


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