Dense fog throws life out of gear in Punjab’s Bathinda

Low visibility on the roads caused a few minor accidents

Sukhmeet Bhasin
Tribune News Service
Bathinda, January 13 

The cold wave threw life out of gear in Bathinda as a thick blanket of fog enveloped the city on Wednesday morning.

Low visibility on the roads caused a few minor accidents, but no casualty was reported.

All main and link roads were covered by thick fog and vehicles were seen plying at minimum speed on the roads. The thick layer of fog restricted the penetration of sun rays in the morning and the cold wind added to the chill and kept the mercury low.

Hawkers, vegetable sellers, food delivery workers and milkmen faced difficulty in carrying out their work.

Morning walkers also had a tough time in parks. Gurmeet Singh, an elderly person in Model Town Phase 3, said, “I was assuming that the fog would not be so thick, but when I stepped out of the door, I realised its enormity. I had a bad walk today.”

Another resident, Ankush Aggarwal, said, “As per my routine, I woke up at 7 am. I could see the dense fog from my balcony. Visibility was less, so I had to cancel my morning walk and preferred to stay indoors.”

A traffic police official said, “Emergency blinkers at the front and rear of the vehicles should be used during fog. Low-beam lights should be used, as high-beam lights hamper visibility.”


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